I’m Happy

Posted: 05/19/2008 in None

I know I've saying I'm going to get this blog going again, but truth be told, it's been tough. My lifestyle really doesn't premit it.

However, as I sit here at the airport waiting for my flight, I have nothing better to do than to beam just a little.

I'm overjoyed. I admit, I've had two wonderful weekends. Both weekends, I've traveled to places where I used to live and still have good friends.

Not only did I have the honour of witnessing the union of a dear friends of mine with their respective partners, but 3 had a unique opportunity to catch up with friends from the past.

It's not surprising, given my age, that weddings are abundant. And though some may look at weddings as a burden, I look at them with much anticipation. Sometimes, it's not just the fluff and stuff, but more of the unexpected.

Last weekend, I caught up with so many old friends. It's great to see them and reconnect, but what was remarkable to see how each of us have grown. Some of us are no longer together … Some engaged … Some expecting … Wow.

This weekend, I met some new people; people I look forward to keeping in touch with. Also, I reconnected with someone somewhat special to me. This person offered me quite a lesson in my younger years. The conversation was interesting to say the least.

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