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Posted: 01/16/2007 in None

To my dear friends,

I miss you guys. I mean, I really miss you guys. I apologize for having been so out of touch lately. Slaving away at 2.5 jobs is a bitch and then some. As you all know, I don’t exactly sleep much. But for me to say that my sleeping patterns as whacked … you know I’m *messed*.

In any case, it seems my last post seems to have stirred the pot a bit and people are asking me all sorts of questions. Not to worry, my friends, I’m alright. This blog serves as a bit of a sounding board for me at times. Every now and then, I find myself experiencing the odd epiphany while rambling on a new post. Mind you, often those posts never make it out to the public, but that’s neither here nor there.

One thing I’ve noticed is that my blog has recorded some real high’s and low’s in my life. It certainly is much like a diary, I suppose. And I’m glad to know some of you check in from time to time.

I must apologize to some of you as I hadn’t had the chance to make my b-day shout-out’s. So … [P]Irv, Shivs, Cato, Wingman, Lilith, Kaptain, Mikey-B, Blondie, Slick, and Pornstar … Happy Birthday!

So much has happened in recent months. I can’t exactly hide behind work, truth be told. And I’d be an ass if I didn’t make mention of some of those events.

I was honoured to be invited to witness the joining of Brighteyes and Alky in holy matrimony. So much has changed over the years. That tight crowd that was once, is no longer. I rarely see Brighteyes anymore. It’s a shame really. I love her. She’s truly one of the best people I know.

Recently, I went through quite the learning experience in having befriended EVILyn. It’s sad to say that she’s now a former co-worker. It was fun working with her. She certainly kept things interesting. And I learned a lot from her in two short weeks. She’s a beautiful, young woman finding her way in life. I miss her.

In the last 3 months, I’ve had little time to see people, but I did manage to have some good sit-down’s with some of you. The likes of EVILyn, Renka, Tel, Sassy Hermit, Blondie, Lilith … I thank you. You guys are wonderful. Why? How? You folks keep me sane. Don’t ask me to explain. Just go with it, okay?

In any case, I’m going to offer up a shameless plug before I’m off to bed. For all you folks in CowTown, check out the hottest new sushi lounge – Blowfish. They’re now open! It’s a venture Jem is part of. I know she’s worked hard to get this project up and running. Drop on by and check out their specials, and tell Jem I send my love.

625 – 11th Ave SW
Calgary, AB
Canada [map]

Okay … I’m knackered …

Love you all …



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