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Warz, Gone AWOL … ?

Posted: 12/04/2006 in None

… well, not quite. But I have been quiet … for a very long time now. I’m sorry. I have been hiding under a rock for a while. I’ll admit, I’ve moved home in May but haven’t so much as looked people up, or kept in touch with people as much as I’d really liked to have. Simply put, if you’ve found yourself here, it’s because I’ve lead you here. I like that – I want, if you will – you know what’s going on with me, and what I might be thinking. In other words, I give a damn about you. I apologize for maybe having been out of touch. Some of my reasons are personal, some professional. But they are neither here nor there.

I’ve just gotten home from a nice little evening with Renka. Despite the little time she did have, I’ve grateful she managed to squeeze in a little bit of time to see me. She was in town for her god-brother’s wedding. She was all dressed up and looking simply stunning. It’s always great to see her. With her, it’s the usual catching up … laughs … support. So I’m feeling a little bit refreshed at the moment …

First things first, I am back in Van-City. I’ve just gone and gotten myself yet another cell number: 778.998.0909. I’ve been crack’berried. Just because I haven’t called you up for a chat or out for a coffee is not to say you don’t mean something to me, so I really hope you’re not offended. I have had a lot going on in my life that has just kept me out of the loop.

Normally, I’d list out a set of shout-out’s to everyone whose birthdays have elapsed … but that would take forever since it’s been such a long time. So, no disrespect intended my dear friends … but here’s to you all – JJJ, Lashes, Lausy, Boy, Renka, Berty, Jennie-Baby, Baby-J, Bo, Ghis, Muzz, Tams, Magz, Ed-Dee, Bee, Bev, Gracey, Win’ner, Steph, DJ Thirddegree, Trish, Calgary Chick, Jack-E, Zed, Chou, Little, D-Chu, Li’l D, the Grouch, Jovo, Chickie, The Bull, Toddy, Rits, Tel, Miss B’Heaven, Chito, Pumpkin, Junior, Lemon, Tool’man, CoMa, Dumbass, J.Lo, ‘Chappelle’, Willie, Vic, CeCe, Babe, Telfon, Sunshine, Shorty, Cutie, Mister Calgary, D’rek, VT, Mitch, Pam’bulance, Ziggy, and Heavy D. Happy (belated) birthday to you all! If I had missed your b-day it’s probably because I hadn’t listed it on my calendar. Let me know so I won’t make that mistake again!

Two people I have to single out are my sibs. Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho. Despite how much we may be bickering and bitching, I can still step back, look at people around us … and still see how we manage to put the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’! I love you guys.

There are a couple of events I must make mention. I really wish I could have made J-Hung‘s wedding. I was honoured by his invitation; despite having just gotten o know him within this last year. But, on that very day, I was witnessing the union of Zed and Baek-Ko’Laska. Over the summer, Lausy also got hitched to his lady love. JoC and UGene walked down the isle as well. Along those lines, congratulations are in order as my boys, Berty and Gabey have both proposed to their ladies. So, here’s me wishing them all lifetimes of marital bliss!

… it’s damn near 4AM … and I’m spent … more to come later …