Posted: 06/13/2006 in None

So I’ve been somewhat anti-social lately. I’ve been hiding behind the “I’m busy … had shit to do” facade for a while. I’ve been called on it. I’ll admit it. I just haven’t felt terribly social as of late.

But sitting at home has some perks to it. I get more time to think. Having lived in CowTown this last year without TV and cable has put me behind the times and current events. So I now get to read up.

Every now and then, I’ll come across some readings that really get to me. Sometimes I just get outraged by how unfair life can be.

Sometimes you come across people that speak out, as John Cusack has. I’ve always been a fan of his … but now I respect him even more. Hell, I might even go country.

I normally try to be somewhat quiet about world politics. After all, they are pretty much areas much beyond one’s control.

But …

When you have those around you being complete assholes … as a friend … if may be time for you to speak up. Slap some sense into him/her.

I’m close to snapping … and sadly, it’s not for my sake …


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