The Good Ole’ Days …

Posted: 06/09/2006 in None

I’ve had some sleepless nights these last couple of weeks. Too much on my mind, I suppose. Been meaning to update this site with my latest bit of pics and such, but I just haven’t had much motivation to do so. I’m much too preoccupied with getting shit done around the house.

… still have to reassess my hardware inventory and re-administer my entire home network … dump old furniture … clean the backyard … Hell, we need a garage sale … badly …

So I like having the TV on to keep me company as I do my work or research. I was flipping through the channels and landed on “Deadliest Catch“. It’s a hard-hitting show. It’s no wonder why that job is deemed the most dangerous profession in the world.

The show brought me back to the days I’d sit with the boys – the Grouch, Win’ner, Belcher and Dru – until the wee hours of the night. We’d sit and enjoy the company of Stella. We’d fire up the XBox and ‘killed some KimChi.

I miss those boys …

“You don’t need blood to be family.”

– old rugby proverb


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