Posted: 06/07/2006 in None

For those of you whom were at PartyGras ’06 – and there were many of you – you’ll know my boy, DJ ThirdDegree. So, those in the know … know. Now, for those whom didn’t make it out to the shin-dig … you don’t know. So, sit tight and let me school you for a minute …

DJ Thirddegree spins the tunes like nobody’s business. I know everyone at PartyGras ’06 enjoyed grooving to his musical stylings.

This weekend, he’ll be dropping the beats at the Mabuhay Calgary‘s 1 Year Anniversary and Philipine Independence Day Celebration mixer. This event is aimed at bringing the Filipino social scenes of the ‘Peg and CowTown together, but it is for all to celebrate and have fun.

Drop on by and support my boy. You’ll, be glad you did …

… & write back @ ya’!

CoMa x 2 : Good on you, man. Miss those times Dru and I would chat with you, read your book after-hours at 1410. I’ll be hitting you up with tips on blogging soon enough via email.

Keep on keeping on, bro.

J.Lo : Ah … that bit. Yeah. I tend to ramble on here on my site. That just kind of came to mind. I wasn’t sure if that made any sense after I typed it out. I had to read it twice over just to make sure!

Congrats on finishing your 1st year of college. Hope you’re living it up in HK. Miss you!


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