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“Hello, FBI? … I’d like my laptop back now, please …”


… & write back @ ya’!

Di : Miss you too, honey! Love them good times in da’hood … 😉


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… for all my CowTown folks …

“Party Gras ’06”

… hit me up for details …

… we’ll be out full-force … finger and all …

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And here we go …

This is going to be long, long one …

So grab a coffee … bookmark this page … and have at ‘er!

I’ve even broken it into sections for your reading ease …

Birthday Roll Call

Blondie … Ah, my blonde vixen … The trials and tribulations we’ve been through, eh? Keep those pictures coming! We’ll have to ham to up some time, babe. Miss you lots.

Slick and PornStar … It’s been a blast getting to know you guys this last year. Wicked night!

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

Slick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStarSlick & PornStar

I-V … Happy Birthday, Ah-So! You’re still one of my favourite drinking buddies! Housewarming? What? 😉

Si … You know, you’re right. It’s a shame we’ve just gotten to know each other. But, hey … we’ve had some good times, eh? Hope you had a great one, buddy! And here’s hoping for more great times!

Jammin’Girl … S’up, girl? Sorry, I missed your b-day. I’m sure it was a blast! Keep it real!

Sassy Hermit … So, when are we dropping the ‘Hermit’ moniker? I’ve proved you wrong once! *Ahem! Mikey!* …

Angel … Funny … so much we talk about … and yet, I can’t say much here other than … “Happy Birthday”. Ciao, ‘Hot-Stuff’!

Chip … My dear friend, I wish you all the best. I miss spending time with you and Sans. We’ll have to make up for lost time, I tell you. Cheers!

GuessGirl“Insanity!” “Insanity!” “Insanity!” … hehehe … Did you have yourself a ‘bucket night’? Or maybe next time I’m back in town, eh?

Rugby Chick … Haven’t talked to you in ages, li’l sis. Time to catch up on the latest! Go easy on the boys, eh? Give them a fighting chance … 😀

Jeffy … Man, wish I were there to get you sloshed again. GuessGirl and I had a hoot that other year! And your mom was a riot too!

Brighteyes … Hope you had a good one. It’s been a long time since that big dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, eh? All the best, babe!

Krispy … Hey … I have haven’t given your boy the third degree yet. What gives!? 😛 Miss you, little one!

N8 … Where have you been, my partner in crime? Congrats on everything, my old friend. Haven’t we come a long way, eh? Atta’boy!

JoC … Great getting to you know as of late. Happy Birthday, and here’s wishing you and UGene many years of happiness together!

J-HO … Ah, another sister. Been some time since we last spoke, but you’re never far from my mind. You’re always there … those Christmas celebrations when we were 3 … those Chinese New Year dinners … high school dances … You take care of that little one. I tell you … one day … BBQ at Uncle Warz‘!

Dimples … Well, what can I say? Haven’t spoken to you in what seems like a lifetime. Wish things were different. I miss our talks. Hope all is well.

Anger … Hehehe … ‘Tweeder‘! “Dude! Calm down!”. Buddy, I’d hit the field with you any day. Knowing you, your shin-dig would have been nucking futs … and barely legal. Get ‘er done!

B-Chu … Awesome to meet you in Cal, and fun to party with you in Van. I owe you one!

MunMun … Wow … I still think back to the old days of that art class … and I’d see you there … the cute, little, quiet one in the corner. 🙂 Happy Birthday!

JenLo … Shame I’ve just come to know you lately … but good times nonetheless. Heal up so we can get you right done!

Rish … Welcome home! Wish I was there, but I was there in spirit! You take care, and we’ll catch up when I’m back in town. Ciao, bella …

Sweetster … And yet another old buddy from the old days … Man, I miss those high school days, buddy. I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well. Congrats on the engagement!

‘Hands’ … Buddy, just getting to know you … but good times so far. Have a wicked one! And I know you will since you’ve back in Van!

Sweetness … Yes, my sweetness … Hope you had one you won’t soon forget. Remember, I’m officially the worst guy to drink with!

Gorgeous … Honey, I wish I could make it out to Vic and celebrate with you in style (as only you know how!), but … *sigh* … I can’t. You know you’ve still got a case of ‘Dingers coming your way! I’ll be out on the island soon enough!

Dalo … Buddy, I still remember meeting you back in the day at Chinese school. It’s amazing how things have changed, eh? Have a wicked one, my dear friend …

So … Bro, we need to really rip it up some time. I’m thinking an all-out crawl on the island! Hope you had a wicked So-E-Gras2006!

Timbits … We need to hang more. It’s been far too long. I am proud to be the first to drink you ’til you puked. Maybe it’s time to revisit that! Cheers, buddy!

Dutchess … I miss you! It seems like forever since I last saw you! And every chance I get, there’s never enough time! Hope you’re doing well and living it up!

Metalhead … Small, small world, I tell you … But we already knew that, eh? Hope you had a blast … and we’ve been talking about hitting the slopes for years now, but it’s never happened … Time for a change, me thinks!

Bimmer Boy … I tell you, I miss those good old days. I hope you’re doing well. Have a great birthday, buddy!

Jo … It’s been a while since we last hung out, but I still remember it being good times. All the best, babe!

Meeks … Miss you! Here’s looking forward to the day you’ll “surprise me” once again. Take care, sexy!

Dru (a.k.a. Bald Asian Dude #1) … Man, I’m so glad I met you. You’re a wicked guy! Won’t be forgetting your shit stories … or killing kimchi. Yeah, you still got it, old man!

BonBon … Though it’s only a once-a-year thing, I enjoy our long-winded chats. Hope all is well down under. Hope to see you again soon. Happy Birthday, girl!

Dick … Dude, you’ve come a long way since days gone by. Good on you, my friend. I owe you a drink … which, I do believe will still get you drunk! 😛

Dee, Ange and Kurr (of the 1410 girls) … I love you ladies! You girls always make it an easy choice. Salut!

And to catch up on things … I’ve finally gotten around to posting those pics from Mikey‘s B-Day

Mikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-Day

Mikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-Day

Mikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-Day

Mikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-Day

Mikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-DayMikey‘s B-Day


I’d like to take the time out to congratulate my good buddy, N8, on his wedding. Good on you, good buddy! I’ll let your blog to all the talking.

The “Shit-Show” …

A big … sincere … resounding … “Thank You!” to you all!

Well … they said it couldn’t be done. But you folks proved them wrong … twice even! I got drunk. *And* I puked too.

First off, anyone who has known me long enough knows I don’t celebrate my birthday. This year, for whatever reason was different. Maybe I’m just getting old. Okay, so I am old. Now I’m just getting older. Thanks.

So mid-January, I was back at home. I usually find my visits home so rushed that I can’t always find the time to see everyone. I needed a good reason to get everyone out. None better than my birthday, I suppose. This was the first of what Gorgeous calls “The Shit-Show”.

I was truly delighted to see everyone. I really couldn’t stress enough what it meant to me. It was heart-warming to have friends from my childhood – people I grew up with – there. It’s always good times with the boys, and great to get the old crowd out too. I was overjoyed to have new friends come out as well.

We packed that upper corner of Subeez and I, for one, had a wicked time. I’d list out everyone, but it’d take forever. Besides, you all know who you are. I’ve always particularly liked introducing friends to friends.

What has become interesting is how many people were asking me about others at the shin-dig. Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be the first time friends of mine have befriended or hooked up with other friends of mine at one of my events.

Them drinks came fast, and they came with lots of friends. I drank entirely way too much. I lost track after 40 some odd drinks. Needless to say … I was done. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I actually puked. That, was a first.

In any case, I must single out several people and give them the credit they deserve …

Ah-Mun … Thanks, sis! We’ll be givin’er come the summer!

Ah-Ho … Everyone was so impressed by your hospitality when I was ‘absent … minded’. I’m proud of you, kid. Cheers!

the Grouch … Buddy … having everyone one in on it (friends *and* family!) … surprising me with the drive out from Cow-Town … I owe you big, my friend!

Mister Calgary … I’m glad you came out with the Grouch, man. It was wicked to meet your girl. Good times, bro!

So … My bro from way back when. We don’t hang enough anymore. Miss the good old days, buddy. Thanks for coming out from Vic. We’ll have to get ‘er done there too, eh!?

Gorgeous … You’re the best! It’s always good times with you! So glad you came out from Vic too! I’ll return the favour, I swear! Thank you, beautiful!

And “The Shit-Show” … Again …

So, after spending a couple more days in Van, I head back to Cal. Yup, Round 2. Of course, there is no other place to have my shin-dig than 1410. I walked in early to watch the Canucks’ game. The staff greets me each with crooked smiles.

Shit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part Deux
With the Grouch organizing the event, he brought out the big boys; Win’nerBig BenDru. Needless to say … I was did in once again. I lost track after 47 drinks. This time around, I opted not to drink any beer; which came as somewhat of a blessing as I did feel better the next day than I did the next day in Van. I puked. I painted the sidewalk outside 1410 with my dinner …

Shit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part Deux
However, once again, there was a first. I passed out. I was right done … out cold. “Should we call EMS?,” the police asked. Last I heard, it took a combined 6 people to lift me into the Grouch‘s car. I’m very much thankful for that. I least I didn’t wake up in a mall planter outside JJ Muggs like Junior did for his birthday … or get sent on a bus to the ‘Peg with nothing but the clothes on my back and a cell phone …

Shit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part Deux
But … when I did wake up some hours later … I washed off the make-up (don’t worry, guys … I don’t get mad … I get even!) … headed to the fridge … and got myself a beer … “Holy fuck! You’re drinking again!?”

Shit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part DeuxShit-Show: Part Deux
It was great to have so many people come out. In my short time here in Cal, I must say I’ve been rather thankful to have met so many people. Good people, every one of them. My time here has been a mixed bag, but the people I’ve encountered – for the most part – have been first-rate.

And again, I must single out some people …

the Grouch … you, my brother, are the shit!

Chickie … Love you lots, babe! Thank you … thank you … thank you … And I plan to return the favour – girl, I’d hold a bucket for you any day!

the big boys … You guys did what no others could … Respect!

And … *Sigh* … Yeah …

I suppose, with the good, comes the bad. I wish this post would be entirely cheerful, but it is not to be. I’ve lost a buddy in a car accident out east recently. Though he’s not what I’d consider a close friend, he was still a friend. I’ve lost far too many friends in recent years. Far too many of them far too young, might I add.

Perhaps it’s my age catching up to me, but this last year has been a somewhat of an eye-opener. I’ve found that one should … one must … make time, take time to enjoy one’s friends. You just never know when, or if there will be a next time you’ll meet.

I know it sounds morbid, but I honestly believe it is true. This last year, I’ve lost some friends. These are people I enjoyed spending times with. These are people I shared laughs with. These are people I’ve shared tears with. And now, these are people I will never have the chance to see again. Sometimes, you brush things off thinking there will be a ‘next time’. How can one be certain it will be there?

Rest in peace, Spade.

On a lighter note, I would be remiss if I didn’t mourn the loss of 2 Shady Glen. It was sad enough when we gave up the Rugby House, but the Ruggers now have no place to call home.

The New Leaf

Have you ever turned over a new leaf … and found a sack of insect eggs? I have … but I won’t go there …

In my moving to Calgary, I was looking for a fresh start. However, certain aspects of my life still plagued me. Some of these aspects I cannot avoid, and many I can’t just walk away from. It makes one wonder just how much a person can take. Some would claim that I bring it upon myself. I know many have accused me of taking on too much. “You can’t take care of everyone, Warz,”, I’ve been told.

Is that true? Do I really do that? Maybe it is my own fault. Maybe I have that problem of not being able to say ‘No’ to people when they come asking for help. I know that I have one confidant that would claim otherwise. She’d say that life only dishes out to you what you can handle. Is at the case? Or have too many people over-estimated me? Am I really *that* competent in their eyes?

I wish I had the answers …

A couple of weeks ago, I made my decision to move back to Vancouver. I suppose it’s pretty much suspected or known by now, but if you’re reading it here … and hearing it for the first time … it’s official; I’m moving home.

As many of you know, I’ve been tempted to get into the hospitality industry for quite some time now. I think the time is now. True, one can argue that Calgary is booming, and that seemingly every other guy, his sister, and the neighbour’s dog are moving here … that there’s no reason why I couldn’t find a job here. I can’t ague that.

But … at current … this is still not home.

It’s been a long several years since I’ve been away from home. It’s been a tough, tough several years. I won’t get into details (as most of you already know it). The bottom line is, it would take a hell of a job to entice me to stay here. Truth be told, I think it’s time to go home and regroup, to recharge my batteries, if you will. I miss family. I miss friends. I miss the lifestyle that is home.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s bittersweet, my departure. In Toronto, I left behind some very, very dear, close friends. Not a day goes by I don’t think of them. They know who they are. And I certainly hope they know I love them and miss them dearly. I left behind good friends I’ve shared some incredible memories with. As Dean-O would say, “it’s just not the same anymore …”.

The same can be said of my time here in Calgary. I can’t stress enough how much I actually enjoy this city. My time in TO was very much hampered by a city that I did not like. In fact, I hated the city. It has often been said that Vancouver’s identity is that it is *not* Toronto. How true is that? Let me tell you … it’s completely true.

Of course, the native Calgarians would make tons of arguments as to why Calgary is better than Vancouver. The biggest point may be that it’s cheaper to live here. True … but so what?! You guys blow the money you saved on vacations to posh places because there is nothing to do in the city! Torontonians claim they live in the best damn city in the world (if not the freakin’ universe), but every damn chance they get, they get the hell out of the city. In Calgary, there’s basically the same damn problem. There’s nothing to do here. It’s a fact that BC residents take the least amount of vacations per year. Why? When you’re enjoying home, why leave?

Simply put, my love for this city is two-fold …

One … This city is a reasonable size. You can get around town with relative ease (although some Calgarians would disagree … “What? All the way down south? That would be like … a 25 minute drive! That’s crazy talk!”). There is enough time to get around town to get things done and still enjoy life. This has become a bit of a stretch in Vancouver … and I don’t care what some Torontonians might think, you can’t get shit done there and enjoy life. ‘No’‘Nope’ … and ‘*Nah-ah*’ … You can’t. Sorry, you Torontonians simply do not know how to enjoy life. You guys live to work. We west-coasters work to live.

Two … The people here are in-freakin’-credible. Growing up in Vancouver, I’ve always figured that people there are of the norm. I moved out to Toronto, and found that Vancouverites are truly some of the nicest people around. Then I moved here to Calgary, I suddenly realized how snobby people are in Vancouver.

In TO you have be the exact same cut of the jib, and you need an ‘in’ to gain acceptance in any crowd. In Vancouver, the people are more open to newcomers, but you still need that ‘in’. Here in Calgary, you just need to be ‘there’. I could easily walk into any club, pub, or lounge and walk out with a dozen new friends and numbers (guys and girls). I am practically meeting new people every other weekend … and I’m loving it.

And this … is why leaving Calgary is going to be tough. Although the size of the city is nice here, Vancouver still offers more in a city. You have more things to do. Things are simply more accessible. And the food … oh, the food! But, it’ll be the people I’ll miss the most here. I have made some truly awesome friends here; life-long friends, in fact. I think a place like this is where a guy like me is best suited. I am a people-person, and the people here are all about the person.

By now I’m sure my friends here know who I am, what kind of person I am. They know I love them, and that they will not be forgotten. From me to you, my friends … Cheers!

… more to come later … I know this blog has been somewhat disappointing to some of you this last year, but I’ve vowing a bit of a change. I’ll get into more detail soon …

… & write back @ ya’!

Mitch : Glad to see you at The Shit-Show, my friend. And here’s to many more good times!

Gracey : Thanks, sweetheart! Though I wish you could have been there, I’m sure you didn’t! Just ask Sassy Hermit!

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“I’ll fuck you ’til you love me,”

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson

No … say it ain’t so … say it ain’t so!

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My horoscope as according to Friendster:

“You’re the social equivalent of a bonfire at the beach (that’s been built by an expert and provides heat and light but poses no threat of burning out of control). You draw people to you. Old friends and relative strangers alike want to spend the evening with you, warming their hands, enjoying the sounds of the ocean and watching the stars.”

*sigh* … if only it were true … and if only this were true of everyone … the the world would be a much better place …

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… phone calls at 3AM never brings good news …

… fuck …

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“get over it” she says … yeah, sure