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… *ugh* … i hate being sick …


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Warz’ “B-Day” thingamabob

Who: You, being my friend … and any and all of your friends …
What: Sit, drink, eat, and be merry …
When: Friday, January 20, 9.00PM
Where: Subeez Cafe
Why: … to celebrate my birthday …

Drop me a line for more details …

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… i feel like shit … miserable, i tell you …

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“Where have you been?!?!?!”

… to quote the crew at 1410 World Bier Haus

Let me start by saying … Happy Belated Birthday to …

Cutie – I know it’s late, but you know me and my blogging … Been missing you since you moved out to Van.

Mitch – It was great to see you the other week. Next time I’m back, first round is on me … but we’ll need a good sit down for rounds until the wee hours of the night.

[P]Irv – I swear … you’ll find this shirt coming your way one day! You know you’re always welcome at Hotel Shum.

Wingman and Li’l Ed, my brothers from a different mother – Wow, it’s kinda crazy how we’ve grown up together … all the crazy things we’ve been through. Wingman, you’re still the shit! And Li’l Ed … I still own you … you, li’l shit

Lilith – It seems so long ago when we first moved out to TO together, and yet it only seems like yesterday. My, haven’t we grown since then … Good on you, babe!

Kaptain – It’s been forever since we’ve met. And sometimes it seems like we never talk. And yet, every time we do, it’s like we never missed a beat. Glad to know things are going well for you in the ‘Bay.

Mikey – My good bud. I think back to some of my most memorable times, and you were there more often than not. Shame we lost touch for so long …

Moreover … incredible news! Congratulations to Brighteyes and Big Al, Nate Dawg, Sweetster, and JoC on your engagement announcements!

*Oi* … it’s been a while … and lots have happened; both good and bad … This will be one of those massive updates that most people will hate to read … but nonetheless … here it is:

… So I finally got them pics from the summer …



Lake LouiseLake LouiseLake LouiseLake LouiseLake Louise
The first weekend of November, the sibs (Ah-Mun and Ah-Ho … and Rugby too!), along with [P]Irv and GuessGirl visited Cow-Town for the weekend. It was so nice to have family around where I live. The entire time I was in T-Dot, I did want to share some of it with my family, but it was not to be. This time around, it was awesome to show them around town (just a little bit since there really isn’t a whole lot to show), introduce them to my friends, and just party it up like only my family knows how.

We hit up spots like Joey Tomato’s, Smuggler’s Inn, and of course … the Grouch and my favourite watering hole … 1410. We got our dance on at The Whiskey and Tantra (otherwise known as … Trauma). With [P]Irv in town, Big D came in from Deathbridge along with the rest of the family, and Si from E-Town (too bad Joods was away in the ‘Bay area – it would have been nice to see her). It was fun lounging … shopping at Chinook


It was fun to intro the sibs to the likes of Slick, Boy-O, PornStar, Sweetness and Mister Calgary. We hammed it up, big time, at 1410.

The following weekend was a riot as well. While the sibs and friends headed home, the Grouch, Win’ner and I followed. It was an awesome time practically having a two-week party; starting in one city, and ending in another. It was good times all around. It was a wicked balance of chill-time at home with friends, and get on out for some booty-shakin’ fun.

With Belcher shaking things up at Skybar, he hooked up yours truly and company to a wicked night. Far too often, I’m home for one reason or another. But this time around, I had the time to call people out and see them. In no particular order … Cutie, Ah-Mun, ‘Tel, Sassy Hermit, Mitch, GuessGirl, Lemming-Boy, Bo, [P]Irv, Mikey, and Timbits … thanks for being there!


As per the usual, I find myself being back home to take care of things. And I was back again, by chance, just in time for [P]Irv‘s b-day shin-dig. The night started at Moxie’s, where we ran into Teflon. I hadn’t seen her since D&G‘s wedding. In the end, we ended up at Skybar … since [P]Irv has had luck trolling for sushi there in the past …



Of course, it was good to see people. Wingman and I-V were back from their trip to see family … good to catch up Jovo … great partying with Jeffy

You know, I honestly try not to be negative. I try to keep a smile on as best I can. But, sometimes, it’s just too damn hard … too tiring to keep smiling. (… oh, wipe that smirk off of your face, Sassy Hermit!) Life hasn’t exactly been *swell* in a while, but things were finally coming together. Just knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t always makes things easier; seeing the light does. And recently, not only did I see the light, but I got a big breath of fresh air too.

I suppose I can take solace in the fact, very little has actually happened to me, per se. However, it has been those around me that have a rough go of it as of late. But somehow, I always end up being sucked in. In one case (as per the incident that shall not be mentioned), I really don’t have much of a choice. It’s the law. However, I do owe it to Shortcakes.

On a brighter note, Happy Holidays, everyone! Yeah, it’s a little late, but I’ve been busy enjoying the holidays rather than writing about it. I certainly hope you all enjoyed the season. I know I certainly did. My time at home was rather quiet; which was much needed. Of course being home is great with all the food … late night eatsGK … those Denny’s runs … but no TBN this time around … With all the good food and good company, I couldn’t go wrong.

It was particularly nice to see Dutchess. I miss you! But as always, it was far too brief. I wish I had more time to spend with her since I only see her once in a while when she’s back from Holland. I had the chance to catch up with one of my li’l sisters, Rugby Chick over a few drinks at the Flying Beaver. I miss that place too.

My hot pot was a smashing success. It had been close to 6 years since I last hosted one. I tried to bring back the old crowd (and for the most part I did), and invited some new friends too. Good times had by all. I really miss those hot pot nights we had back in the day. {shaking head} … *ah* .. the good ol’ days

I’m glad I reconnected with Mikey … as I’m sure another one-time ‘loyal reader’ of this blog is as well, no doubt. {wink wink} His little b-day shin-dig was awesome. Good to see old friends, and always great to meet new ones. For that night, I brought out Gorgeous – my favourite waitress from 1410 who’s unfortunately moving to Vic … 😦 – since we found out we were both in Van. Everyone had a wicked time. I still can’t believe we got through that road block … {shaking head … and cracking a devious smile} …

Of course, there’s never enough time to spend with people. I could have certainly used more time with ‘Tel. Despite talking until 3AM, there never seems to be any end to my chats with Blondie. There’s never enough good eats with Jennie-Baby. I really wanted to catch up more with Chip and Sans. I still owe Trish coffee.

I didn’t get to see a lot of people this time around, most notably C-C, Bee, and Bo. Next time …

… & write back @ ya’!

Mitch : Yeah, things are a little better …

Do I really take care of everyone? I don’t know. As per myself, I manage. I get by.

I still owe you one, buddy …