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… whoa … I’ve found a wireless signal in my apartment … I’ve found a wireless signal in my apartment! Wohoo! … Okay, we’ll just see how long this one will last …

My back is killing me. I can’t sleep. And this constant change in temperature is no good for my back at all. So … since I can’t sleep, I might as well play some catch-up.

Life has been … well … nuts, as of late. Some good … some not so good. In fact, these last few months I’ve been the highest of highs … and the lowest of lows. It’s only now – as in this week – that life has begun to feel ‘normal’ again.

I’m not going to write a novel here, and lord knows you’re not about to read it, so I’ll make it short, chronological … and as interesting as I can make it.

The Good

The Much Belated Birthday Roll Call …

Ah-Ho, Ah-Mun … My siblings … Oh, how I’ve missed you guys … Growing up with you guys have been a riot …

Zed … I miss you … Been far too long … Just remember … ‘zed’, not ‘zee’, ‘zed’

the Grouch … Dude … Cheers! Bottoms up! … Cheers! Bottoms up! … Cheers! Bottoms up! … We never do get tired of that, do we?

Jovo … My brother from a different mother … Yes, you are old! …

In August, I spent much time ‘at home’, but every time I was back there was some business to attend to. I’m not complaining because I get to see friends and family. However, it takes a tool on the body. Heck with everyone’s busy lives, late night eats has become the thing. Sometimes I get less sleep back home than I do here.

One trip I was helping the Grouch doggy-sit so I brought Meka out with me. It was interesting having 2 dogs in the house. At times, it certainly didn’t seem like Meka and Rugby got along all too well. Perhaps it was the age gap …

Rugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & Meka
Rugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & MekaRugby & Meka
One weekend was Wingman‘s bachelor party weekend. So we … wait. But then … no. Oh, there was this … um. “What happens in Whistler, stays in Whistler …”.

Two weeks later, my dear friend, Wingman wed his love, I-V. I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, but this one was truly special to me. It was the first I’d been in the wedding party. Not only that, but it was my good friend … my bro, marrying a truly wonderful woman.

The entire week was fun-filled. From the little meetings to prep, to the ‘de-stress’ meetings, to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, to the big event itself … down to the after-wedding toast … it was a blast. I got to see old friends and meet new ones too.

All the best for years to come! I love you guys!

Along with my regular movie buddy, Cutie, I watched a bunch of movies over the summer that I hadn’t bothered to ‘review’. “Four Brothers“, “The Brothers Grimm“, “Lord of War“, “The Transporter 2“, and “Just Like Heaven“. If you’d like a review, drop me a request.

My body has been on a permanent roller-coaster ride these last 6 years. It seems that every other year, my body gets somewhat healthy again, only for it to nose-dive. Having played some rugby 2 years ago, I was getting into decent shape. Then it all went to hell. Lately, having met the likes of the Grouch, Slick, and Boy-O, I’ve been getting back into some sports; hockey, soccer, basketball, football …

I was hoping to catch J Biz and his buddies as they rolled into town for the Pearl Jam concert, but it was not to be. Word is they got quite the rep! Now they have their very own claim to fame!

Another weekend to remember was one of several meetings and discoveries. the Grouch came out west with. What was interesting was that Cutie was already in town for a friend’s wedding. Renka was in town to pay her respects. the Grouch pretty much hadn’t seen Renka since high school.

That weekend, the Grouch called out an old friend of his … which turned out to be someone I had met many years ago. Small world. And it turns out that she more or less knew [P]Irv too. Small, small world.

The weekend was fun. Ah-Mun and I had graduated from brother-sister schools, and always had a fair number of mutual friends, but never have we actually partied together. It was awesome. Let’s just say the staff at Skybar won’t likely forget us. I swear, throw Ah-Ho into the mix and we’d tear any house down.

I was treated to a lovely dinner at Blue Water Cafe, where, by sheer coincidence, Prime Minister Paul Martin chose to dine that same night. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. I was totally into the food. 😛

The last two months has been a bit of a riot. I’ve been meeting a lot of new people … and I’m loving it. Oddly enough, a good lot of the people I’ve been meeting are from my hometown. And through them I’ve been meeting their friends visiting from home too. It’s been a hoot.

We booked it up to Red Deer for a night or partying. Good times. So good, in fact, after a 10-year hiatus, I had to practice driving stick on the Grouch‘s ride home. 180 Km/h at 4AM … great times …

Our host and Red Deer native son, Mister Calgary, had insisted we check out this DJ whom was spinning at Plush. I can’t say I was much into house music, but I was pleasantly surprised. DJ Colette was dropping some wicked beats, she can sing, and she’s cute to boot!

Nonetheless, it was certainly a new and fun experience. Most rewarding of all might have been a couple of new friendships that have been struck.

On an interesting side note, I’ve now been aligned with a ‘support group’ of sorts. It all started off as being a simple dinner. However, as one’s troubles was being discussed, others chimed in with their thoughts. Suddenly, we have weekly hump-day meetings. Within two weeks of it’s conception we’ve gone and recruited new members to what has become Single Drunks R’ Us. Oi … See, we’re all single and have enough of a mind to bitch about it. And yet, we’re by no means alcoholics as alcoholics go to meetings. Besides, rehab is for quitters …

While meeting new friends is grand, it’s always great to see old friends. I was fortune enough have caught up with D&G, both when they visited here, and while I popped out to TO. I miss those guys. They’re always great company.

I was able to hit up the clubhouse for a meeting with Pac-Man. It was good to see him and catch up. I’m glad to hear things are going well for him. He did have a rough go at it for a while. He’s such a good guy, I hope he finally gets to where he belongs.

My visit to TO wasn’t planned, by any means. As always, I can rely on my god-twin, Baby-J, to come through in a pinch. I wish we had more time to spend together, but she had made plans, and I had things to attend to.

It was great to see Kira, albeit all too brief. I’ve missed her dearly. You know, the short of it is, it almost didn’t seem like a ‘visit’ to me. It was a bit of a homecoming. In Baby-J I have that comfort. Lounging around with her, watching TV … helping her with the chores, household details. It’s like being home.

Then there’s my culinary partner in crime, Renka. I don’t know how she manages to put up with me. With my constant bitching and complaining … and yet we spend countless hours yakking up a storm about pretty much anything under the sun. I know she’s going through a rough stretch with her work, and I felt so guilty having taken so much of her time. It was selfish of me.

I must admit, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t have meself a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving Weekend. Rugby Chick to the rescue! As it turns out, she was stuck out in J’Oakville by herself. Her folks followed one of her sisters and moved out to the west. Her other sister was in the ‘Wa, and time didn’t permit a drive out.

So, my li’l sis was going to cook herself up a little Butterball gobble gobble until my phone call produced a “*GASP!* … YOU’RE IN TOWN!?!?!?!”. It was really great to see her. It’d been nearly two years since we’d last hung out.

That weekend, I ended up crashing a Jack-E‘s as Baby-J had made plans to host her brother. It was a shame I didn’t get to see Jack-E at all. He got back the night before I was to leave (first thing in the morning). It would have been nice to hear his globetrotting stories. ‘Tis shame. I owe you big time, bro!

The Bad

While it was great to see some old friends out east, there never seems to be enough time to see everyone. I missed a good lot of people like my fellow SGS Old Boys, my ruggers

But I probably miss Berty the most. Back in the day, moving to TO seemed so much easier because he was already there. Now that he’d moved on to bigger and better things in The Big Apple. It was awesome seeing him weekly for some footy and the ‘Nucks games.

In any case, seeing friends is good, but this was one trip I wish I didn’t have take. I can’t say too much (or anything, really) as I’m under court orders to stay hush-hush. All I can say is that I want to do the right thing. But sometimes doing the right thing can cost you … dearly. Those of you whom know, know. Those of you whom don’t … well …

So I read that Blondie ran into Ah-Ho last weekend … No, that’s not a bad thing. But, him turning out like me is! He deserves better.

This has been a rough year for many people given how many natural disasters has occurred. But it really hits home when you know someone in the thick of it. My buddy, Magz, lives down in Miami. I wonder, and worry, how he’s been. I should look that guy up.

I am getting old. My mind gives me subtle reminders here and there. But my body is screaming it out loud. I used to get by with just 2-3 hours of sleep. I’m finding that my body craves … nay … requires more. And if I do any sporting activity, it takes me a longer to recover.

I scares me to think of what I’m going through now … and yet I know I shouldn’t be complaining as some people I love are well on their years too. My folks, aunts, uncles, family friends …

It all gets us in the end. And as morbid as it sounds, you simply can’t take life too seriously; you won’t get out alive. My building lost a lovely lady recently. She was always a ray of sunshine. I didn’t know her well, but she was always so kind and friendly.

I had lent her $5 for laundry once, but I never asked for it back. I didn’t see her for quite some time. She had that $5 written into her will to be paid back to me. When her daughter ran into me at the front desk and handed me the $5, I was choked. I was near tears. I felt I owed it to her to show up at the wake. My, the stories I heard … Rest in peace, ‘Netta … You are missed.

The Ugly

So I was in TO. For that very reason I was there, I had to pay my friend a visit. She was in rough shape. I’ve never been so disturbed by what I saw. Then to hear what I heard nearly drove me to … do stupid things.

I wish I could do more for her, but I can’t.

Hang in there, Shortcakes …

… & write back @ ya’!

Jack-E : My good friend, I owe you big. You know you’re going to have to start documenting your travels on your blog! Don’t make me shame you to it!

J.Lo : No worries, babe. You take care of yourself and enjoy your new school.

The M40 is nice. Lucky butt!

Baby-J : I’ll see about that. It’s really not just ‘Calgary’. There are other factors too.

Mitch : To say that prospect hasn’t crossed my mind would be to lie. But at present, I need to do what I need to do. And right now, it’s here.

But don’t worry … I always know my way home.

Ghis : Thanks, sweetie! Things are always up and down. Such is life, I suppose.

It was great to see you at the wedding. I wish I had more time to sit and chat and hear all about Europe!


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… yes … it’s been a while … yes, Gracey … I did promise you a posting … but it’s not ready yet …

… more to come later …