Posted: 07/11/2005 in None

Madagascar” … Go see it. Go see it today. Not plot-heavy, just plain funny.

I didn’t think the pairing of Ben Stiller and Chris Rock would work, but it did. I thought the movie could have used more of Jada Pinkett Smith and Andy Richter. I was hoping for better from Cedric the Entertainer. David Schwimmer was a perfect fit. Sacha Baron Cohen (also and best known as “Ali G“) was a surprise. Loved the penguins!

To be honest, there little else I can say about this movie other than … “Go watch it!” It’s just one of those classic light-hearted flicks that just makes you laugh.

Tonight, I satisfied one of my cravings; that of my hankering for sushi … No, Rugby Chick, I’m still working on that other craving … Cutie called out me and the Grouch for dinner. She suggested Japanese. He suggested Towa. I drove.

The first thing we noticed was that it was pretty busy – a sign it was a good spot. Unfortunately, we weren’t too impressed when we found that a party that arrived after us was seated before we were. Of course, it didn’t help that this party did the typically ‘Chinese’ thing and more or less complained that they’ve been waiting for too long and wanted that table on the patio.

The food wasn’t too bad – I’m assuming – by Calgary standards. This restaurant had a hint of fusion. Certain dishes used sour cream and cream cheese as ingredients. It was a fun dining experience … however, the service less than stellar.

As per Baby-J‘s request, here’s a couple more pics of Rugby. Ah-Ho took the one on the left as Rugby slept under the fish tank, and [P]Irv on the right when he woke up.

I’ll be trying to get more pics posted as they become available.

Every now and again, the crew in Vancouver does ask about Kira. Everyone misses her. Despite the odd cold nose to the back of my neck while I’m sleeping … I do dearly miss her company.

In fact, I really wish I had a dog here. I’ve befriended some residents in my building. One of them has a big German Shepherd cross (with, as believed, a coyote). I’d spend time in the common area doing some research for work, or just lounging, watching TV … and I’d have this big dog leaning up on my leg … or sleeping on my foot … nudging under my arm so I’d pet him. What an attention whore!

But it’s nice to have that company. I’ve been doggy-sitting now and then – kind of helping out a friend – since I spend so much time sitting there researching. I wish I had that company all the time. Sometimes it’s really hard to come home to an empty apartment.

So, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. With the Calgary Stampede in full effect, the noise levels go up.

The opening parade ran right in front of my building. The setup was done in the wee hours of the mornings leading up to the big day. Needless to say, there was a lot of noise.

Moreover, the drunken rowdies are out until damn near dawn … hooting and hollering … I actually heard someone from my building shout, “Would you shut the fuck up?! People are trying to have sex up in here!!!”.

… & write back @ ya’!

Pac-Man, Mysteryman … MysteryMEAT … whatever … : Alright … don’t quit your day job to become a professional translator. Otherwise, we might just end up seeing all of your work on!

Baby-J : Ah … Dean-O … good guy … I miss hanging out with him. Actually, I can quote him: “Fuck! … Warz! … What’s with you and hot roommates?!”.

I called home today. Ah-Mun tells me Rugby is very well behaved and has an excellent disposition. And I hear he’s growing up quite quickly too!; several inches in a week. I’d love to have Kira home with Rugby for a bit …

… {crunch crunch klang} … [the gears in my head are grinding] …

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