Posted: 07/07/2005 in None

Happy Belated Birthday, Bee!

I’m so sorry I missed out on your shin-dig, babe. I’m glad to hear you had a wicked time though. I’ll make it up to you, I promise!

This last weekend was a doozy … and here I ramble in no particular order …

I suppose the biggest event this last little bit was the newest addition to the family. Everyone … meet Rugby. No, I had no say in naming him. No, Ah-Ho had no say, but he did have a ‘hand’ in it. Ultimately, it was Ah-Mun‘s decision. I did admit, it was rather surprising, if not ironical that she would have chosen such a name.

Nonetheless, my family is now proud owners of a 10 week old German Shepherd puppy dog. His father is from a well respected kennel in the valley, and his mother (an all-black Shepherd) is from a kennel south of the border. Rugby is a little darker, but he’s so damn cute!

On a more sombre note, last week Wednesday was a day of remembrance for Ah-Mun and me. It marked the passing of our dearly departed teacher, Shea Lo-See. We had to pay our respects. I think I’m finally somewhat come to terms with it. This was the first year I didn’t cry.

As usual, with my trips home, there’s little time to do much during the day. With visiting family, chores and household maintenance, it only really leaves time for late night eats with friends. We hit up the usual spots … GKTBN … but no Denny’s run this time around …

My last night in town, I had the pleasure of dining out with people at Morton’s. We had come across their “Steak and Seafood For Two” deal, so we figured it was a chance to sample one of the premier steakhouses in town.

The Deal

Choice of: Caesar Salad or Morton’s Salad
Two Single Cut Filets
w/ choice of Colossal Shrimp Alexander or Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
one Morton’s Signature Potato and one Fresh Vegetable
and choice of Godiva Hot Chocolate Cake or Signature New York Cheesecake

I started with the Morton’s Salad, as did Ah-Ho. It was covered with blue cheese, and accented with anchovies. We shared the mentality of “Hey, I can get a caesar salad anywhere,”, though Wingman did claim that the Caesar Salad may very well have been best he’s ever had.

When the entrees arrived, immediately sampled the filet. I like to pace myself otherwise, I could find the steak too cold, too tough. Sadly, I was not terribly impressed by my steak; and seemingly, nor did others at the table. Most of us ask for medium rare, but it was certainly prepared closer to medium. The quality of the beef wasn’t as stellar as I would have liked. But, “you get what you pay for” as they say …

The Colossal Shrimp Alexander did not disappointnt me at all. The shrimp were large, plump and full of flavour. In fact, I could have gotten full just eating that all night. *Oi* … if only not for my gout …

Now, as crazy as it sounds, the sides actually were a highlight of the meal. Instead of each ordering a side of potato and vegetable, the entire table ordered an assortment of sides to share. We loved it. Not only did this allow for each of us to enjoy more variety of sides, but the sides were so darn good!

For dessert, I do believe everyone ordered the Godiva Hot Chocolate Cake. I have but 1 word for you … DEC-A-DENT!

Being all ‘environmental’ and all, we car-pooled down to dinner. The car ride back home was quiet. We’re a somewhat boisterous crowd, often bantering and throwing verbal jabs at each other. But on this night, we were dead quiet, we were so full.

Afterward, we lounged at my place and I finally got to watch “Hitch“. Only problem was, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the movie. I was more so concerned about playing with Rugby and getting some work done (yes … workaholic … I know … I can hear ‘Tel and Renka saying “You’re nuts!” in my head …).

All in all, the movie certainly seemed funny. And Will Smith‘s character is smooth. To quote that Coors ad … “We’re talking dating both sisters smooth”

I’ll definitely have to watch that again soon.

… & write back @ ya’!

Pac-Man : Cool cool … hey, we gonna hold some west coast meetings soon, eh?

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