Posted: 06/25/2005 in None

I’ve been meaning to watch “The Longest Yard” for some time now. I must admit, I’m an Adam Sandler fan. Say what you might about his brand of humour … but the stuff makes me laugh. Besides, in recent years, he’s proven he’s a pretty decent actor.

This movie is practically a complete rip-off of Vinnie Jones‘ “Mean Machine“; both movies being re-makes of Burt Reynolds‘ 1974 “The Longest Yard“.

Not too many people know about Sandler as a person. He’s easily one of the more ‘average Joe’-like guys around in the industry. In fact, he’s actually an avid sports fan (Yankees and Bruins), and a pretty decent athlete himself.

If you pay attention to his films, you get an idea of what this guy is like.
He’s very loyal to his friends – which is apparent when you see his ‘regulars’ Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Allen Covert, and present/former SNL stars Tracy Morgan, Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, Norm Macdonald in his films. Chris Rock, another SNL alumnus, is actually very good friends with Sandler, but this is only their first bit of work together.

He also brings a lot of himself into his films. There are constant references to sports and his favourite band, Van Halen. Sandler is also a big wrestling fan. Fans of his films will notice wrestling references in no less than 4 of his films. And this film must have been a dream for him, with all the people he’s brought in for the flick …

Steve Austin … native Texan … played football for UNT … started in the WWF … wasn’t happy at WCW … went to ECW … will always be known as “Stone Cold” by WWE fans …

Bill Goldberg … played football for UGA, the Falcons, the LA Rams (now St. Louis) and the Panthers … ripped apart his abdomen … bounced … starting wrestling … was huge … just don’t call him “Gillberg”

Kevin Nash … played basketball for UT … blew out his knee … bounced in Atlanta … was spotted … eventually became “The Sexecutioner” … and I’ve never been assumed while watching a man play with his nipples …

Bob Sapp … played for the Bears and Vikings … most people don’t know he wrestled in the IWGP (New Japan) as “The Beast”

Dalip Singh … big … huge … massive, even … 7′ 2″ … 400 lbs. … recommended by Nash (they met on the New Japan Pro Wrestling tour) for the film … practices kalari, akido, judo, japanese grappling and Greco Roman wrestling … power lifter … damn

With MTV onboard for the film, you know there’s bound to be a bunch of big names involved. What was fun to see was seeing a good lot of former footballers on-hand.

Michael “Playmaker” Irvin (Cowboys) … Terry Crews (Packers, Chargers, Rhein Fire, Redskins and Eagles)… Bill Romanowski (49ers, Eagles, Broncos, and Raiders) … Brian “The Boz” Bosworth (Seahawks) … Brandon Molale (Fresno State) … Conrad Goode (Giants and Buccaneers) … Brett Bech (Saints) …

The likes of Chris Berman and Jim Rome give the movie a bit of realism to it. But what the heck is Nelly doing in this movie? … Oh yeah … MTV*right* … His lines were limited … very limited. Though his character’s role was vital to the plot (in but just one scene), it was hardly more worthy of a such a large billing by the exec’s in the promo’s.

What else can I say about this movie … ??? … Ah … Courtney Cox … TOTAL TAPE-JOB!

… & write back @ ya’!

Pac-Man : Sorry, man. Didn’t know. Knew you were into photography and all … Nonetheless, no remarks were make at your family … none intended.

… but you must admit, your comments don’t help you much either! And I quote … “If I had to dress up as a Star Wars character, I’d be Chewbacca … then I can be naked!”

… {rolls eyes} …


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