Posted: 06/22/2005 in None


Wingman sent me this little while ago. Straight out of Robin Williams‘ stand-routine. Good laughs …

Jack-E once claimed I ‘shamed‘ him into starting up a blog … but some people just ask for it … Honestly!

So I was in TO, having dinner with the crew when this little bit of conversation came about:

Baby-J : “… what, you mean like those Islamic types? … Where you find someone half your age, plus 7?”
Pac-Man : “No … half my age, minus 7.”
Baby-J, Jack-E, Renka, Dalo, Warz *and* the waitress : “WHAT?!?!”
Warz : “Dude! That would make her … like … 7!”

Now, we all know that Pac-Man is a ‘Pimp‘ … but we never knew he was a ‘Pedo‘. This was a surprise. Uh, welcome to the blogging world, buddy … (I think …) …

… & write back @ ya’!

Baby-J : Hey, I’m not *teaching* her anything at all. That wouldn’t be fair. She has to learn for herself how to make stupid mistakes! 😛


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