Posted: 06/15/2005 in None

… Been Away From Home Too Long …

Let me start by sending out a very big Happy Belated Birthday to Jenny-Baby. This last weekend was such a rush, I only wish I had more time to see more of my friends. Miss you lots! Really wish I could have caught you this time around … Sorry, babe!

… and yes, it was certainly been too long since I’ve bee away from home. In fact, I do believe I’m getting soft …

“… yeah … it just sorta popped out of my pants.” … (in reference to leaving my cell phone at the Fogg n’ Sudds).

*oi* … it’s not often I make blunders like that … but it happened.

This last weekend was a blast. I needed to be home. I got in a lot of good times. I helped Dwighty-Mouse coach the Vancouver U-16 Rep rugby team. I caught up with old teachers at Ah-Ho‘s grad ceremony and banquet. Of course, I got to see some friends. It was particularly nice to see some of the kids I’ve coached over the years graduate.

Of course, I got to see my boys; Jovo, Wingman and [P]Irv (formerly known as Irv). Unfortunately, I couldn’t see as many of my friends as I’d like, given the little time I actually had. I caught Jeffy and met his lady. I got to see Bee for a bit. And I met a friend or two. But that’s about it. Most of the time was spent with family and at the grad events.

While I was back home, Cutie headed out to the Hammer for her chiropractic exam. She crashed with Smiley Panda. Now, as mentioned before, Cutie and I had picked up a gift for a friend of ours.

This gift was for none other than our very own []D[][]V[][]DPac-Man. The preview came courtesy of Jack-E, when at Cutie‘s going away party some months back, gave a remarkably accurate impersonation of the white loafer and wife beater-wearing, samosa-ordering man slut … whom often distracts waitresses, leaving them to pour hot liquids on unsuspecting customers … like poor Gracey.

Cutie rounded up the crew of usual suspects, Renka, D&G, Jack-E, and Smiley Panda, for dinner with Pac-Man at 7Numbers down in GreekTown. I think I’ll let the evidence speak for itself …



So … I had to call to for lessons. Lord knows, I could certainly use the help.

And this batch came in from Smiley Panda


Both back in Cow-Town, Cutie and I went to watch “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“. Be it there any truth to the rumours or not, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a hot couple. There is some serious chemistry there. They play off of each other really well.

This flick is reminiscent of “War Of The Roses” where both spouses are trying to kill each other. This plot wasn’t terribly deep or intricate, but it was simply fun to watch.

Admittedly, I was never a Brad Pitt fan. I came to actually respect him as an actor after I watched “Meet Joe Black“, at the urging of Blondie. After watching him in “Spy Game“, I actually became a bit of a fan. He is a very charismatic fellow on camera.

Angelina Jolie … *HAWT!* … ’nuff sed …

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