… Blah …

Posted: 06/07/2005 in None

So I’m testing this function out; posting using email.  Seems like a nifty idea.  Known of it for a while, but never really used it.  I suppose this would make it easier for me to post, since I can’t log on that easily from home.

”… fucking ‘free’ internet …”

Yeah, I’m just taking a nice little break from lunch.  By that I mean, I work during my lunch.  I’m still not sure why I do.  Maybe it’s because I actually like working.  I know it sounds strange, but I do.

In any case, I’m so extremely looking forward to going home for the weekend.  I’ll be damn proud to see Ah-Ho graduate from Saints, but saddened to know he’ll be joining the rest of us in the ‘jading’ process that is life.

The older I get, the more I miss how simple life was back in the day.  It’s odd to think that in my early years of high school, I read in the newspapers that in 1992, over 80% of Canadian teens were considered depressed.  It’s certainly not something you want to read about when you’re not even done your first year of high school.

Well, at the time, the high school years did seem pretty tough.  But now, they seem like it’s a walk in the park.  True, hindsight is 20/20.  But still …  You consider the shit we deal with nowadays … *oi*

Oh well … meh … back to work …

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