Posted: 06/05/2005 in None

I got word last night that Saints has successfully defended their title as British Columbia Secondary Schools’ Rugby Union champions. Last year, they captured the triple crown; being the Vancouver League champs, the Lower Mainland champs, and provincial champs. This year they even added the Sevens tourney to their achievements. Shit, those kids make me proud. Good on you, boys!

So I was reading Blondie‘s post. She poses a good question. Mind you, as per the usual with she and I, there are no answers. I can only speak for myself.

My reasoning for wanting to move with someone was the result of an intense desire to share my life with her. I wanted to have everything, so to speak. I wanted to wake up next to her. I wanted to spend the day with her … cook with her. I wanted to brush my teeth with her. I wanted be able to, every night, lean over and kiss her good night … and fall asleep in each other’s arms. That’s what I wanted. That’s why I wanted it – because she was the world to me.

It’s odd how things all happen in waves. I was in convo with MikeyB. We always seem to end up talking about my ex. Maybe it’s because of old the dynamics we had. Nonetheless, with Blondie‘s question, I’ve been brought back to thoughts of my ex. I more or less brought it up with Cutie yesterday when we went shopping; how I wanted to get a new watch to replace my current one, as it is connected to the ex.

Time and time again, my lady friends turn and ask me whether I think their demands on men are “too much to ask for?”. And now, I find myself asking the same of the opposite sex. Am I too picky? All that I ask is for someone I think the world of, whom I can get to know really well before getting into anything. I believe in taking it slow, so I can just enjoy her company, and let things fall into place. Is that too much to ask for?

“The more I try to understand women, the more I realize I know absolutely nothing about them.”

… and so I pull out my dating bible … “When Harry Met Sally

Long have my views on men, women and dating been based on this movie. This movie is, in my opinion, an all-time classic. This entire movie simply makes sense to me. The logic of its lack of logic is simply priceless. This isn’t some overblown romantic Hollywood story. This is what actually happens out there.

This movie has never let me down … until now. Every time I had any doubts, uncertainties about love, life I’d watch this movie and I’d be given some hope. But this time … nothing.

*sigh* … so sad … so depressing …

Quotes Of Note

“You know what sucks? The battery lasts only 2 hours …”



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