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Bula! Bula!, Berty!

Okay, so most of you have no clue the significance of Bula!. You don’t need to know … It’s been 10 years since we’ve known. That’s all that matters, right?

Buddy, we’re still on for 2010, right? Centre ice, at The Garage … watching Team Canada take gold … Cheers, my dear friend … Happy Birthday!

Sure … so I was quick to be reminded that I did have a good sit-down dinner with people since it was Renka‘s surprise birthday dinner on Sunday night, as arranged by her guy. Then again, aren’t you all sick of my ‘so-called’ restaurant reviews?

fine! … here it is … *oi*

The surprise was arranged as simple as it could have been done. It it would have gone really well, had it not been for … well … me. I didn’t leave work until 5.45PM, then I got a call from Cutie for a ride to the 6.30PM dinner. I had to run home, de-smellify, pick up Cutie, head back downtown, find parking, and find the restaurant. And so, we were a little bit late … and we ran into the birthday girl just outside the restaurant. … Boo on me.

The restaurant chosen was Murrieta’s. Murrieta’s has won several awards and is spoken very highly of by those whom I’ve mentioned the name to. Needless to say I was eager to give it a try.

Upon walking in, I was rather impressed by the décor. It was simple and elegant, yet not extravagant. The menu plentiful and varied. The party started with a order of the Tempura Crusted Calamari with Ginger Mayonnaise and a Moroccan Chicken Flatbread. Neither dish disappointed.

I also ordered myself a Crusted Tombo Tuna, Soba Noodles Salad with Asparagus, oven dried tomatoes, tamari-ginger lime dressing. The salad itself was lovely. I quite liked the dressing. The Tombo Tuna though, was a little bland. Fortunately the oven dried tomatoes helped flavour up the fish.

Renka and I have long played our game of guessing each other’s choices. I think it started back at our Bymark dining experience. I had assumed that she would choose the 10 oz Venison Rib Eye. And she assumed that I would get my Ahi Tuna with Spicy maple ginger dressing. We were both correct.

Although the spicy maple ginger dressing was simply exquisite, my Ahi Tuna wasn’t quite grilled as rare as I’d like. I found the out portion a little hard and dry. Then again, I supposeit’s not entirely fair that I’m holding all Ahi Tuna dishes to that of the one I had at Auberge du Pommier.

In any case, the food wasn’t poor by any means. However, the service was lacking. Oddly enough, they seemingly did some of the little things right – such as serving the ladies first. However, our server, when offerring the taste of the wine to Renka, spilled some wine on Renka, the table and the menu. She offerred an apology, but made no attempt to clean up the mess. Moreover, when informed of a food alergy to cheese, she offerred another dish that arrived with cheese layered on top. Not impressive.

Last week, I went out to catch “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith“. Admittedly, I was never a huge fan of the “Star Wars” series. I found them fun to watch, but I certainly wouldn’t be so nuts as to line up a day in advance to watch any of the movies. I must say, I hadn’t even watched “Episode II – Attack Of The Clones“.

Hayden Christensen … hot …

Natalie Portman … not …

Nonetheless, watch it I did. I found I couldn’t get too into the plot. The fight scenes were interesting, but the lightsabres drove me nuts. All in all, I’d say it was an ‘okay’ flick.

has been totally buggered up lately. I can’t say that I know why. It just seemes to have stopped working. In any case, I might just switch over to the Blogger one, though I really don’t like it at all. Anyone know of a good comment poster out there that doesn’t require a logon, and is fully configurable?

Lastly, I’ll be back home next weeked for Ah-Ho‘s graduation. I’m looking forward to it. I miss home. I miss family. I miss friends. And I wish I could have taken his week off to watch Saints play in he finals for the BC’s. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a lot of those kids at a very young age. It’s nice to see how well they’ve developed. Go ye’ Saints!

Quotes Of Note

“I read on your blog about the flask. What you really need is a flask and a drool bucket!”

Rugby Chick

“Yeah … but, Warz, you’re good at those thankless jobs!”


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