Posted: 06/01/2005 in None

Maybe … Just Maybe … A Tad … A Little … A Wee Bit … Of Sleep Tonight …

I am exhausted; both physically and mentally. It’s been a really draining month. I already had troubles sleeping, but adding a complete lack of time to do so has made it worse. Quite literally, I’ve had but a half-dozen hours of sleep this week.

So the company had its big move this weekend. It was certainly an experience. Sometimes you really see people for who they are and how they think when they’re faced with pressure. At times, it was really trying. But what makes up for it all is the response I get from the people I deal with, after the fact. From the appreciation for my honesty, my willingness to listen, and eagerness to accommodate with reason … came a couple of job offers, and a slew of compliments.

I suppose it’s true, what some have said of me, and what I’ve always known of myself. I’ll never wear a suit. I’m just not of that class. I’m not sophistimacated like that. I am a complete lack of culture. I’m a blue-collar worker.

Work is driving me to drink. Perhaps Rugby Chick‘s suggestion of a flask in hand is in order. It’s a good thing I don’t have too many friends here. This downtown core here is so small, it’s extremely easy to get around. Had I found myself within stumbling … er, I mean ‘walking’ … distance I’d be sloshed by lunch everyday.

Anyway … some of you have been actively mentioning that this blog has become sporadic. Well, it has. I find it difficult to bring myself to really write about anything negative. So, I’d rather not write. Who wants to read a blog where the author only complains about everything in life? Certainly not me.

Yes, I do complain and bitch. But I complain and bitch about me; things (somewhat and ‘supposedly’) within my control. Rarely do I bitch about world affairs … politics … other people’s relationships … And when I do, I bitch about what’s important to me. A lack of a hockey season … nice guys not finishing last because they are, in fact, not even in the fucking game … bad drivers … bad food … stupid people … and me.


So … in an attempt to lighten things up with some positivity, I’ll write about something good that has happened, something worth while taking about …

{blink blink}

{blink blink}

{blink blink}

… when it happens to me, I’ll be sure to post it …


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