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I’ve been meaning to watch “The Longest Yard” for some time now. I must admit, I’m an Adam Sandler fan. Say what you might about his brand of humour … but the stuff makes me laugh. Besides, in recent years, he’s proven he’s a pretty decent actor.

This movie is practically a complete rip-off of Vinnie Jones‘ “Mean Machine“; both movies being re-makes of Burt Reynolds‘ 1974 “The Longest Yard“.

Not too many people know about Sandler as a person. He’s easily one of the more ‘average Joe’-like guys around in the industry. In fact, he’s actually an avid sports fan (Yankees and Bruins), and a pretty decent athlete himself.

If you pay attention to his films, you get an idea of what this guy is like.
He’s very loyal to his friends – which is apparent when you see his ‘regulars’ Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Allen Covert, and present/former SNL stars Tracy Morgan, Kevin Nealon, Rob Schneider, Norm Macdonald in his films. Chris Rock, another SNL alumnus, is actually very good friends with Sandler, but this is only their first bit of work together.

He also brings a lot of himself into his films. There are constant references to sports and his favourite band, Van Halen. Sandler is also a big wrestling fan. Fans of his films will notice wrestling references in no less than 4 of his films. And this film must have been a dream for him, with all the people he’s brought in for the flick …

Steve Austin … native Texan … played football for UNT … started in the WWF … wasn’t happy at WCW … went to ECW … will always be known as “Stone Cold” by WWE fans …

Bill Goldberg … played football for UGA, the Falcons, the LA Rams (now St. Louis) and the Panthers … ripped apart his abdomen … bounced … starting wrestling … was huge … just don’t call him “Gillberg”

Kevin Nash … played basketball for UT … blew out his knee … bounced in Atlanta … was spotted … eventually became “The Sexecutioner” … and I’ve never been assumed while watching a man play with his nipples …

Bob Sapp … played for the Bears and Vikings … most people don’t know he wrestled in the IWGP (New Japan) as “The Beast”

Dalip Singh … big … huge … massive, even … 7′ 2″ … 400 lbs. … recommended by Nash (they met on the New Japan Pro Wrestling tour) for the film … practices kalari, akido, judo, japanese grappling and Greco Roman wrestling … power lifter … damn

With MTV onboard for the film, you know there’s bound to be a bunch of big names involved. What was fun to see was seeing a good lot of former footballers on-hand.

Michael “Playmaker” Irvin (Cowboys) … Terry Crews (Packers, Chargers, Rhein Fire, Redskins and Eagles)… Bill Romanowski (49ers, Eagles, Broncos, and Raiders) … Brian “The Boz” Bosworth (Seahawks) … Brandon Molale (Fresno State) … Conrad Goode (Giants and Buccaneers) … Brett Bech (Saints) …

The likes of Chris Berman and Jim Rome give the movie a bit of realism to it. But what the heck is Nelly doing in this movie? … Oh yeah … MTV*right* … His lines were limited … very limited. Though his character’s role was vital to the plot (in but just one scene), it was hardly more worthy of a such a large billing by the exec’s in the promo’s.

What else can I say about this movie … ??? … Ah … Courtney Cox … TOTAL TAPE-JOB!

… & write back @ ya’!

Pac-Man : Sorry, man. Didn’t know. Knew you were into photography and all … Nonetheless, no remarks were make at your family … none intended.

… but you must admit, your comments don’t help you much either! And I quote … “If I had to dress up as a Star Wars character, I’d be Chewbacca … then I can be naked!”

… {rolls eyes} …


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Wingman sent me this little while ago. Straight out of Robin Williams‘ stand-routine. Good laughs …

Jack-E once claimed I ‘shamed‘ him into starting up a blog … but some people just ask for it … Honestly!

So I was in TO, having dinner with the crew when this little bit of conversation came about:

Baby-J : “… what, you mean like those Islamic types? … Where you find someone half your age, plus 7?”
Pac-Man : “No … half my age, minus 7.”
Baby-J, Jack-E, Renka, Dalo, Warz *and* the waitress : “WHAT?!?!”
Warz : “Dude! That would make her … like … 7!”

Now, we all know that Pac-Man is a ‘Pimp‘ … but we never knew he was a ‘Pedo‘. This was a surprise. Uh, welcome to the blogging world, buddy … (I think …) …

… & write back @ ya’!

Baby-J : Hey, I’m not *teaching* her anything at all. That wouldn’t be fair. She has to learn for herself how to make stupid mistakes! 😛

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“It’s A Freakin’ Emergency, Dammit!”

As of 6:20PM last night the Government of Alberta has declared it a local state of emergency. My building was visited by the police around 8PM. We were told that there is the possibility we need to be evacuated. Apparently Prince’s Island is completely under water.

Check here for updates, or here for press releases.

Yeah, it kinda sucks, I tell ya …

You know what else sucks? Having an internet connection as reliable as the rhythm method. … *meh* … perhaps, I shouldn’t complain since my neighbours have been nice enough to ‘share the wealth’ …

You know what else also suck? Sitting in front of the damn TV in the common room, watching a show … and the f’ing security guard walks in … changes the channel without so much as asking if you’re watching … watches for 30 seconds … and leaves. Like … WTF, mate!?

*Bah!* … Anyhow, with the flood and all, people have been evacuated to SAIT. I figured that since I had nothing else better to do last night, I’d pop on by to volunteer. Perhaps it was still early and most people were still packing up at home, but when I got there, there were more volunteers than flood victims.

I suppose one of the nice things about this city is that people have a pretty good sense of community. There pretty much isn’t much that I could have done to help. So I left them my number with the crew there and was told that they’d call if they needed help.

… yeah, I know … “such a boy scout, right? … {rolls eyes} …

So I did take Renka‘s advice yesterday and didn’t head into the office today. Though, I did spend most of the afternoon researching of a couple of topics for work; yeah, workaholic, right here. But I did get to sit down to one of my favourite movies on the tube – “The Breakfast Club“. I love this movie. And I do believe … and admit, for that matter … this is root of my facination with red-heads.

This is one of those movies that leaves an impression. Well, it certainly did for me. It actually gave me quite the insight into people; particularly young people. I think it somewhat put me ahead of the game. I found that I knew what to expect from others. And I understood where it came from.

From this movie, I learned to look at things from differing angles. Far too often people have such tunnel-vision, only willing to look from that one perspective. Perhaps this is why I’ve come to be such “the devil’s advocate”. Furthermore, it might be why I tend to be so forgiving of others. It’ rather easy for people to draw sympathy from me.

This, along with “When Harry Met Sally” (which I once again pulled out to watch) still ranks as two of my favourite movies. At times, I can’t help but think that in these two movies, you can find the basis every social misconception. If you really watch and pay attention, both these movies will help you break down and understand those tumultuous teenage years, and why things didn’t work out with what’s-his/her-name

I know this sounds all too odd for some whom know me. “Sympathy? … From Warz?! … *huh!?*”. I know. Watch the flicks. Look at it from my perspective. You’ll see why it’s so cut-and-dry in my mind. Moreover, life is about balances and decisions. You make that decision, find that balance; live with it.

… & write back @ ya’!

Mitch : Thanks, buddy. But it looks like is working now.

J.Lo : Thanks, babe! Good to see you online more now. I’m sure exams went well for you. Have yourself a wicked summer! And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do … but … that … pretty much … leaves you to just about anything! … 😛

… {D’Oh!} … I can *feel* Baby-J glaring at me now …

Rugby Chick: And thanks to you too, girl! … and what’s the latest? You haven’t blogged in ages! Am I going to see you at X’Mas? When was the last time I saw you? Must’ve been … almost 2 years ago!

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Whoa, Weekend(!) … Well … Not *Really* …

I caught “Batman Begins” with my movie buddy, Cutie. Sometimes I don’t know what to make of movies nowadays. Sometimes the line of originality is truly blurred. With sequels … remakes … prequels … spin-offs … It’s hard for me to know how to take these things.

In theory, this movie is a ‘prequel’ to that of the “Batman” series. Only, it’s not. Go figure. I found the action in this movie rather enjoyable. It wasn’t overdone like some other movies I’ve seen recently. It was exciting. However, I found the other lesser featured aspects of this movie much more enjoyable. In the end, there were four aspects of this movie that really stood out in my mind.

Firstly, though I understand the leading role belongs to Christian Bale, with a cast with Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freedman, I expected to see a heck of a show. Although these actors didn’t disappoint, I was sorry not to have seen them showcased as I feel they could have been.

Secondly … and perhaps with Father’s Day coming up, I was rather struck by Thomas Wayne. A pure-hearted man, with great intentions, and a love for family that is never flaunted. With quiet pride and honour, he poses an incredible father-figure for young Bruce Wayne. Rarely do you see such qualities in a man of a position and social stature as that of a ‘Wayne’ in today’s society. It made me reflect on Roberto Benigni‘s character in “La Vita È Bella” (a.k.a “Life Is Beautiful“). Both characters, wonderful fathers. I can only hope I would become half as good a father as they are to their children.

Thirdly, I was a little taken aback by the ‘changes’ made to the story line. I won’t get into the deatils for those who’re looking to watch the movie soon. I’m not a big comic buff, but a do believe a big part of the story of Batman seems to undergone a ‘Hollywood Make-Over’.

Lastly, I enjoed the humour in the movie; both the clever, unspoken humour, and the irony invovled. Once again, I won’t ruin the movie for you guys, but let’s just say that in the end, you’ll see this ‘ain’t no “Bond” flick’.

… okay … laundry is done …

More to come later … maybe …

You Know What I Hate? …

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… being sick …

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… Been Away From Home Too Long …

Let me start by sending out a very big Happy Belated Birthday to Jenny-Baby. This last weekend was such a rush, I only wish I had more time to see more of my friends. Miss you lots! Really wish I could have caught you this time around … Sorry, babe!

… and yes, it was certainly been too long since I’ve bee away from home. In fact, I do believe I’m getting soft …

“… yeah … it just sorta popped out of my pants.” … (in reference to leaving my cell phone at the Fogg n’ Sudds).

*oi* … it’s not often I make blunders like that … but it happened.

This last weekend was a blast. I needed to be home. I got in a lot of good times. I helped Dwighty-Mouse coach the Vancouver U-16 Rep rugby team. I caught up with old teachers at Ah-Ho‘s grad ceremony and banquet. Of course, I got to see some friends. It was particularly nice to see some of the kids I’ve coached over the years graduate.

Of course, I got to see my boys; Jovo, Wingman and [P]Irv (formerly known as Irv). Unfortunately, I couldn’t see as many of my friends as I’d like, given the little time I actually had. I caught Jeffy and met his lady. I got to see Bee for a bit. And I met a friend or two. But that’s about it. Most of the time was spent with family and at the grad events.

While I was back home, Cutie headed out to the Hammer for her chiropractic exam. She crashed with Smiley Panda. Now, as mentioned before, Cutie and I had picked up a gift for a friend of ours.

This gift was for none other than our very own []D[][]V[][]DPac-Man. The preview came courtesy of Jack-E, when at Cutie‘s going away party some months back, gave a remarkably accurate impersonation of the white loafer and wife beater-wearing, samosa-ordering man slut … whom often distracts waitresses, leaving them to pour hot liquids on unsuspecting customers … like poor Gracey.

Cutie rounded up the crew of usual suspects, Renka, D&G, Jack-E, and Smiley Panda, for dinner with Pac-Man at 7Numbers down in GreekTown. I think I’ll let the evidence speak for itself …



So … I had to call to for lessons. Lord knows, I could certainly use the help.

And this batch came in from Smiley Panda


Both back in Cow-Town, Cutie and I went to watch “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“. Be it there any truth to the rumours or not, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are a hot couple. There is some serious chemistry there. They play off of each other really well.

This flick is reminiscent of “War Of The Roses” where both spouses are trying to kill each other. This plot wasn’t terribly deep or intricate, but it was simply fun to watch.

Admittedly, I was never a Brad Pitt fan. I came to actually respect him as an actor after I watched “Meet Joe Black“, at the urging of Blondie. After watching him in “Spy Game“, I actually became a bit of a fan. He is a very charismatic fellow on camera.

Angelina Jolie … *HAWT!* … ’nuff sed …

… Blah …

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So I’m testing this function out; posting using email.  Seems like a nifty idea.  Known of it for a while, but never really used it.  I suppose this would make it easier for me to post, since I can’t log on that easily from home.

”… fucking ‘free’ internet …”

Yeah, I’m just taking a nice little break from lunch.  By that I mean, I work during my lunch.  I’m still not sure why I do.  Maybe it’s because I actually like working.  I know it sounds strange, but I do.

In any case, I’m so extremely looking forward to going home for the weekend.  I’ll be damn proud to see Ah-Ho graduate from Saints, but saddened to know he’ll be joining the rest of us in the ‘jading’ process that is life.

The older I get, the more I miss how simple life was back in the day.  It’s odd to think that in my early years of high school, I read in the newspapers that in 1992, over 80% of Canadian teens were considered depressed.  It’s certainly not something you want to read about when you’re not even done your first year of high school.

Well, at the time, the high school years did seem pretty tough.  But now, they seem like it’s a walk in the park.  True, hindsight is 20/20.  But still …  You consider the shit we deal with nowadays … *oi*

Oh well … meh … back to work …