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The Teeth Marks? … Oh, Yeah … It’s Because I Got Chewed Out Today …

Yes, it’s been a while. Been busy … but let’s get caught up …

First off … Congrats on RIT, J.Lo! Atta’girl!

I had a horrible weekend the weekend before last. On the Friday night, I had the pleasure of getting into a car accident. However, it was an accident that occurred while my truck was stationary. This guy riding a bike was too busy checking out this girl that he rode right into my truck as I was about to head out from the “finger-your-bowl” drive-thru.

… did I ever tell you how small Calgary is? I’ll give you one guess as to which cop showed up …

On the Saturday, I hit up a Second Cup “HotSpot”. I was parked in the dead center of the spot at the very side of the lot, by the sidewalk.


This lady in a ‘house-on-wheels’ tries to park in between Phoebus and a mini, only to become the mini’s hood ornament.

… Yup, and I got blamed … because … and I quote, “*EVERYONE* knows you’re supposed to park on the side and not the middle of the spot if you’re at the edge of the lot! … {SHEESH!} …”

Hey, isn’t Sunday supposed to be a holy day? … a day of rest? No such luck here. So I’m sitting here doing some work on the new ‘cheap trickery’ in the common area of my building. My cell phone rings … it’s the new moron of a guy down at security …

“Is this 1609? … Yes, your neighbour just saw you smoking in the hallway. We have to address this issue.”

… and my response? … “Let’s see … if I was just spotted, that means it just happened. I’ve been sitting here in the common area for over 3 hours; and I have witnesses. Secondly, I invite you to come up to my unit. There, you will not find a single match, lighter, ash tray, cigarette, or carton. Why? Because I’m a non-smoker. To accuse me of being a smoker is to admit you’re a little girl. Now, are you a little girl?”

“… uh … no …”

“Good. Now that that’s settled, leave me alone.”

“… um … sorry … ? …”

This security guard has been giving me trouble all week for all the stupidest things. He’s new. In fact, the building did away with old security company. A shame really, because a couple of them are really nice guys. This new crew consists of 2 guys; one’s a moron, and the other’s an ass.

Anyhow, the week passed by with little events to speak of. Work was pretty busy. With gearing up for the big office move and all, inventory has become a big self-imposed project for me. It’s just the way I do things. I’ve been pretty busy since I’m on the ‘move committee’.

This last weekend was pretty fun. Lilith popped into town on Saurday night en route to Vancouver. We hit up an Olive Garden for dinner and I took her for a bit of a drive-about. By morning, we had some brunch, some bubble tea and I drove her over to a friend’s.

Last night, I met up with them for dinner and a bit of karaoke at the friend’s house. Good times. The husband, seemingly a new buddy of mine, kept offerring me beer. I drank entirely way too much and ended up being pretty darned dehydrated today.

So today … THE FIT HIT THE SHAN, let me tell you … The Administrator quit. It was long time coming. I won’t get into details, but it’s just ugly …

Dimples and Sassy Hermit have begun work at the office. They’re but just some of the new personelle. The new additions have left our company a little thin on technology equipment. I put in an RPO for a several more computers, and was promptly chewed out by The Boss.

I just shrugged it off … to the surprise of some. Most everyone in the office cower and hang their heads in shame after a tongue-lashing. I wasn’t too concered. With all due respect to the man, I know I’m right, and in time he’ll see it that way too.

… & write back @ ya’!

J.Lo : Yeah, a good host is hard to find. But, as they say … “you get what you pay for”. I’m still looking for a good (and when I say ‘good’, I mean ‘free’) host with tons of room (like, say, UNLIMITED!) that supports php … Know of any?

Rugby Chick : It was a shame you couldn’t make it out with us that last night pub night I was in TO. It was awesome …

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