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… {mumble mumble} …

1:24 AM : April 19th, 2005
– as keyed in by Warz on the new ‘cheap trickery’

Can’t sleep. Very restless. Don’t know why. Might as well make like I’ve done something worthy of passing the time … Bah! .c..

I can’t say that I’ve been thinking straight lately. There’s been things plaguing my mind. If it’s not this, it’s that … or that other thing. Basically, this is more or less a main-stay. One can’t really get away from it. Such is simply a fact of life. I wish I had enough of this of make life easier, but I don’t. It’s funny how life changes. This wasn’t so much a worry some time ago. Then suddenly … it’s a new game.

Now, that has been bothering me for some months now. I literally don’t know what to do about that. So to speak, I’m damned if I do, and equally damned if I don’t. The risk involved could be costly. But, to deny myself that would be just a tragic a loss. At times, things seem great, and other times, not so great. Timing is key and I just haven’t had that luck. I suppose I’m left with going about it the way I know best … to react by gut feeling. My gut’s rarely wrong; with the exception of it so long ago. I guess we’ll see ho that pans out …

And that other thing … well, I need time … and lots of it. There’s no way of telling how that other thing will go. I have my plan, but that plan is ever-changing. The prospect of this, and the outcome of that, are two heavily influencing factors. Of course, there are so many other factors too. It’s all a matter of baby-steps from here on in …


This last Saturday I did a bit of spot-shopping with Cutie at Chinook Centre. I must say, that mall is such easy pickings for mall-rats. I think it’s by far the most lounge-friendly mall I’ve been to. It beats MetroTown, Yorkdale, and West Edmonton Mall hands down. Needless to say, I felt very old there as the majority of the patrons there were but a few years older than half my age. In any case, I didn’t end up buying anything. I picked out some things I’m thinking about, but I’ll have to see if my budget will permit.

We did end up buying a gift for a friend of ours. More to come on that …

By night, we caught “Sahara“. So this flick is deemed an action movie. I beg to differ. It’s a comedy. When you have a supporting actor like Steve Zahn, you know you’ve got some slap-stick-like, off-the-wall zingers coming your way. The humour was flippant; which is just to my taste. In fact, there were times I found myself imagining what I’d say in a particular scenario, only to hear those exact words from the characters on the screen.

We actually likened the movie to that of “National Treasure” despite the vastly different plot lines. This one was much more believable, but not quite as fun to follow. However, I prefer the pairing Matthew McConaughey-Steve Zahn to that of Nicolas CageJustin Bartha. ‘Flippant and Screwball’ is good, but not quite as good as ‘Witty and Flippant’.

Also … Diane Kruger … much hotter than Penélope Cruz.

The film was considered a modern-day version of “Indiana Jones” (speaking of which … I do believe there’s been talks of one last ‘Indy‘ flick … ???) with a hint of “James Bond“. Though the plot line gave a lot of room for such a comparison, the end result was a little lacking. To be honest, I was rather disappointed by how the last ‘discovery’ came about. This picture is a good watch for the humour, but it wouldn’t quite quench your thirst for adventure and action.

Sunday, for most, is a day of rest. For me, it was a day of restlessness. Yup, I went about thinking again … about thisthatthat again … and that some more … that other thing … and everything … I know. I should stop, but I can’t help it.

Today I worked … and worked. Went home. Went back to work. Sad, I know …

I had a nice little phone chat with the cradle-robbing cougar that is Rugby Chick tonight. We had to catch up on the latest.

*sigh* … That’s about it. Wish there was more I could say, but that’s about it.

… & write back @ ya’!

J to tha Lo : Yeah, I’ve been meaning to pump some life into this, my little corner of the net. But so it seems my audience has quite the liking to my choice of music. I’ve used up all of my month’s worth of bandwidth in a matter of days. Now those bastards at 1&1 Internet Inc. want money for a service they once promised to provide for free. *BOO!*

Dutchess : No worries. You know me. I have my moments. It’s just similar to those times when people freak out because I suddenly become quiet. It just so happens that I now I jot things in my mind down. I’m okay. ‘Dealing with’, you know? Hell, ‘dealing with’ is what I do best. Everyone knows that.

Was meaning to email you for your birthday, but I couldn’t. Sorry about that, babe. My email doesn’t get through the company firewall, and I don’t have internet at home yet. I really shouldn’t use company email either. But I was thinking of you! Miss you tons, gorgeous!

Blondie : “Entertain you”? … Sweetheart, let us be clear here … on those “drunken flashing nights” … it’s not you who’s entertained … okay? … And, by no means, is this a complaint! ‘See you soon'(?), beautiful! ;-P

Rugby Chick : Though it may apply to your situation, my post wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. I’ve just been on my incoherent rants lately. Just … *bah!* … you know?

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