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12:51 AM : April 12th, 2005
– as keyed in by Warz on the new ‘cheap trickery’

I just got home. So I parked Phoebus, and decide to take a new route home along the water’s edge. I started walking. As I was walking, I starting to think. I know what you’re thinking; No, Warz … not a good idea … Right, you are. Before I knew it, I was back near the office. I had completely overshot my apartment.

But, it did give me the chance to think and review some things. I’m once again reviewing some relationships. I hate it when I find myself in these situations. It always means some changes that I’m never in favour of. It’s either that I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of, taken for granted … that some have fallen short of my expectations, or minimum standards … or, that I’m evaluating where a friendship is going, not knowing what to do about it.

“… I wish she’d call … I miss talking to her …”

“… hmmm … he only calls when he needs something …”

“… will she ever call back?”

“Huh? … What, the heck, just happened!?”

“… Uh, maybe I should(n’t) have done that …”

“… … …” … {shit! should’ve said something … anything … oi!} …

“Why do I, should I bother?”

“… why can’t I just say it?”

*sigh* … If only I have a clue … *sigh*

I really need to get back into sports. It’s driving my nuts. There’s so much I wish I can do but I can’t. It’s kind of sad, really. Back home, it was so easy to get involved. I used to be able to play several sports in a week. Right now, I want to get back into rugby, but I can’t even afford the club fees … let alone the essentials for the sport.

In chat the other day, Gracey and I lamented the fact that it certainly doesn’t seem like our lives are ours to lead anymore. With our jobs and other responsibilities, there is so little time for us to live any sort of life … and when we find that time, we’re too damn tired to do anything … or we’re still worrying about everything else. What a shame …

This actually brings me back to a conversation I once had with a younger friend. He asked me for advice upon heading into his senior year of high school. My advice was simple: “Do not be in a rush to graduate.” He thought I was nuts. He couldn’t wait to get out of that hell hole that was high school. Almost one year to the day later, he turns to me … Warz … You were so right … What was I thinking?”

A lot of us are at a similar point in our lives. We’re coming out of school and hitting the work force. I can see so many of us already jaded by life’s hardships. Be it the office politics, fading friendships, trying personal relationships … it all takes its toll. It’s odd how we see that our folks grew up during a time in which life was so much more simple … and yet they claim we know nothing of hardship.

In high school, I read an article that claimed a study showed that more than 40% of Canadian teens are depressed. When I brought this topic up at the dinner table, my parents dismissed it immediately. “Not possible; you kids have nothing to be depressed out.” Now, did they take into consideration the pressure that we have today, as teens? Have they looked at the amount of material in our high school curriculum in comparison to what they had in high school then? I doubt it, and I doubt they have much grounds to argue on either; except for their pseudo-self-righteous, you-don’t-know-what-you’re-talking-about stance.

As society progresses, so does its education structure. As technology, trends, standards move forward, our education moves along with it. And so, the bar is constantly being set higher. In other words, there is always more and more to learn. In that same article, it was claimed that only 4% of post-secondary students in Canada graduate within the ‘standard’ 4 years of undergraduate studies (… hey, how many of us took summer courses, huh?). And furthermore, in today’s society, an undergrad degree just isn’t enough. How sad is that? What high school’er would look forward to what seems like impending failure?

Now, fast-forward to those of us on the brink of the ‘real world’. We’re in our late 20’s … with no real job security … no savings … not much collateral … The future is far too uncertain. Flashback to our folks at that same age, and most of them would have already settled into a career, a house, 2.5 kids … okay, so maybe that white picket fence is next weekend’s project, still … how can one claim it’s *our* fault for us lacking that drive and determination to make it on our own, when it’s clearly damn near impossible to do so?

In fact, 25-30 years ago, a single income was economically viable for a family. Nowadays, the average dual-income family still has struggles to make ends meet. Parents, don’t blame us for a lack of focus. Blame the society you and your peers help build. If we threw you into our high schools today, I’ll bet dollars to pesos you wouldn’t make it. How do you like them apples?

*sigh* … “Hello? Shaolin Temple? Yes, my name is Warz. I’d like to make a reservation, please …”

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : … ooohhh … That’s a good one, but it stll makes me all misty …

and Jovoagain : I thought we’d already decided we’re all going to hell anyhow. We might as well enjoy the journey, no? I can see it now … the “Mailman”, with the caption … “Schiav’0wn3d!”

Yup … that just bought me an express ticket to the firey pit …


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