Posted: 04/10/2005 in None

What can I say about about my boy, Berty? For starters, I miss the guy. I miss the times in Oz … bouts of footy … kicking the roundball … Dar?Dar! Dar!RHB, baby! … It’s been a long journey, though not always on the same path, but always within arms reach.

I’m proud of this guy. He’s right where we all knew he’d be – taking his bite out of the Big Apple. Atta’boy, Berty!

And it’s good to know he knows how to have a bit of fun along the way. In fact, after orchestrating the biggest deal in Canadian history, he and a colleague posed for the soon-to-be-famed Mailman right out front of their lobby stock board. This gesture earned them Mailman Of The Week honours.

Now … here’s the dilly …

I’ve thrown out one challenge already, which has yet to manifest itself. Mind you, it’s funny and mind-boggling how things change in a matter of a couple of weeks …

In any case, this one goes out to just about anyone willing … Do your research. We’re making it on that site … just for shits and giggles … Be it class, or trash … we’re doing it one way or another. Wingman‘s stag is a good place to start … ;-P

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