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You Got A Minute? … Or 60?

… this will be a long one …


… because it’s a Saturday night …


… I didn’t have to work today …


… I’m here because I have free time …


… yeah …. go figure …

Firstly … a big Happy Belated Birthday to my dear Dutchess! When are you back next? Miss you tons, babe!

So … I’ve gone and shamed Jack-E into creating himself a means of firing back at me. “Bring it on!“, I say. But good on you, buddy. I look forward to your postings.

Last night, I missed out on what I undoubtedly know would have an outrageously wicked party – the Humber College Athletic Banquet. I miss hanging with the guys. My team was a riot, and with the new blood of the team I coached, it would have made for a wicked shin-dig.

What’s crazy is the stories I missed out on. You know that commercial where there’s that drunk … and he’s passed out on the subway … and he misses his stop … again … and again … but he ‘arrives alive’ … ??? Yeah … well … I know ‘that guy’!

*tsk tsk tsk* … Junior, Junior, Junior … as Easy-E says … you’re such a little bitch …

Next time I’m back out east, I’ll have to call for a Front Row meeting … get the guys out. Dean-O, the milk-dud … Davy J, ‘li’l Ah-noldKingpin, the dirty ‘spic … Drive-Thru McGabeyr … all the guys … We’ll have to bring a video camera this time around … {hehehe}

Cutie‘s back in town for the time being. She’s not sure where she’ll settle yet, but in the meantime she’s here. She’s temp’ing at the office – which helps both parties. It’s been nice having her around. She’s a new lunch partner, but that’s not to say my workstation computer isn’t thoroughly entertaining … but the conversation is a little dry.

Being one of my somewhat-regular movie partners too, Cutie and I caught “Beauty Shop” earlier on this week. This flick was a light-hearted story. It’s quite good for a couple of good laughs, but it’s nothing terribly deep. In fact the storyline is quite predictable.

Djimon Hounsou is a stud. Period.

For the most part, there is a lot of black humour. This was expected since this movie is a supposed spin-off of “Barbershop 2: Back In Business“. Moreover, Ice Cube was onboard as the executive producer. I didn’t find any real references other than the ‘picture’ on Queen Latifah‘s character’s mirror.

Last night, I had the pleasure of dining out with some of Cutie‘s friends from yester-year. I met two ladies with whom she went to high school with. “Pretty soon, you’ll have met all the girls from Western!”, she jokes.

I suppose … Cutie, herself … Kari … Margret … Gracey … Grace … Renka … Tu-Phung … Steph … June … Smiley Panda … and now Josephine and Sabeen … I’m up to a dozen now. … crazy

Anyhow, dinner was at the Metropolitan Grill; the self-proclaimed home of the ‘best steaks in town’. With a claim like that, it just screams out a like a challenge to me … even despite my gout … heck, I even went so far as having a pint of Keith’s.

In any case, I went and ordered their Prime Shires to start. This dish was basically slices of prime roast stuffed in yorkshire pudding, served with horseradish and gravy. In theory, it could be a very good treat. However, the yorkshire pudding was far from being fresh from the oven. The roast was a little dry. The horseradish tasted more like mayo – no ‘zing’ … at all. The best part of this appie might have been the gravy … but it was served cold.

For my main, I had their Peppercorn New York Striploin. Now, most of us know that Albertan beef is the shit. The steak itself didn’t disappoint. I order my meat medium rare, more rare than medium. It was prepared just the way I liked it. My critique was that its sauce left much to be desired. Perhaps my tastes for spice is a bit extreme, but there just wasn’t much to this peppercorn sauce.

On the other hand, our waitress pushed the Macaroni and Cheese side on me, telling me to just trust her. Given my other side choices being french fries and baked-stuffed potato, I figured I’d give it a try. The mac ‘n cheese was the best part of my meal. As we left, I had to thank our waitress for the recommendation.

Dessert for me was their Apple Pie. The pie itself had a very nicely put together pastry outer, but the pie wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It was served in a pool of sweet, sweet … sweet … sweeeeeeee-‘tuh caramel syrup. On top was a scoop of vanilla ice cream – very good ice cream, might I add – and a stick of maple sugar candy. I think a milky gelato would have suited this pie more. The sweetness of the caramel, the ice cream and the maple sugar candy was actually overkill; it made the apple seem sour.

The spot is a pretty swanky place. You can see it’s primarily the business or psuedo-sophisticated types in there. It’s a bit of a change from the bar scene in TO, I suppose, – or perhaps it’s a Cow-Town thing, as I saw it at Mynt – to see such a wide range of age groups. People were anywhere from being in their early 20’s to the mid 40’s.

I enjoyed the company I had at my table. I simply love meeting new people. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that. I can’t say I know why, but I just do love it. Maybe some of you could explain it to me, because I’m baffled. In any case, these ladies seemed very friendly, very nice.

At one point (not that I can quite say where), the conversation suddenly turned. It became “The Male Perspective”. Is this normal? I would imagine it’s one thing to have befriended someone, then ask them for one’s opinion, as from the perspective of one’s sex. However, I find I get those questions pertaining to dating and the opposite sex a lot – even upon first meeting someone. Why?

After dinner, Cutie and I found it was too early to call it a night, so we ventured out for “Hostage“. Okay, whoever thought the likes of a Bruce Willis would make a good hostage negotiator … should be shot. That being at the very beginning of the movie, I kind of figured realism would be a big factor in this movie. Do you think you’d go unoticed if you took off recently liberated hostage and drive off with a ambulance? … yeah …

Ben Foster and Johnathan Tucker, I think, are really under-rated actors. They’re not your typical teenage heart-throb hunks, so they don’t get the buzz that others do. It’s a shame because I’ve seen them play a variety of roles – they’re both very versatile.

All in all, this movie was a good watch. Especially if you like movies where the cop has his family kidnapped and he has to free people trapped in their own home …

In other news, I sunk myself further into debt by buying myself a laptop. It’s an el-cheapo will-hold-me-over-for-the-time-being type of deal. What’s cool about it is that it’s a tablet PC. What’s not so cool about it is that its keys, touch screen, and mouse pad aren’t quite as sensitive as I’d like. I wish I could complain about the fact it’s running on Microsoft eXtra Profit Tablet PC Edition, but I can’t as it’s my only option. I could go on defending my purchase, but I won’t do so online.

I installed the new MSN Messenger 7.0 on my new toy. So far, I’ve been playing around with the settings and such. There are some features that are nifty, but others are annoying. As much as I don’t like Big Brother Bill, and how this dude could possibly own you, I do like the integrated features. What I don’t like so much are those stupid ‘winks’.

I particularly liked the ‘nudge’ feature. In fact, it’s a throwback to about 10 years ago when ICQ introduced that ‘horn’ in chat. It’s about time you caught up, MSN … MSN was late to catch up with SMS too.

However, I was a hardcore ICQ user that became increasingly disappointed by each new version of the software. More and more useless and damn near retarded features bogged down the chat client. What was a wonderfully simple tool has been ruined by overly ambitious ideas. I switched to MSN for its simplicity. Unfortunately, MSN is well on its way of getting overly complicated. I might be soon switching over to Skype.

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : Yeah, the ring thing is a bitch. But hey, what can you do? You can’t really hate those good guys … I mean, hey, if they’ve got what it takes to have snagged a great girl … power to them.

What I can’t stand are those asshole types that get all the chicks, treating them like dirt … and yet the chicks stick to these assholes like mud. I just don’t get it …

Blondie : And which sentiments might you be referring to? … not having friends around? … or not having a significant other? From what I understand, you have both! So what are you complaining about?!

JR : Hi, there! And welcome! And thanks!

… {blink blink} … {blink blink} …

Who, the heck, are you?!


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