Posted: 04/05/2005 in None

One can easily say that I’m being a little bit overly sensitive about the issue. But in light of Blondie‘s post, I found myself relating to what she’s said. My friends have scattered everywhere but where I live.

The fact I make and receive more long distance phone calls than local calls is not lost me. In fact, I’m so politely reminded once a month when Fido send me their bill.

Perhaps it’s time to turn to POT – plain old telephone. I was hoping avoid it altogether, but I suppose it’s a no-win situation for me. My cell phone is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. People have oft complained about the audio quality. Yeah, I’ll have to pay a sum, but as Cutie says … “… it’s more bang for your buck!”. Besides, it’s a small price to pay for a wee bit of sanity.

Oddly enough, I suppose my situation could be worse. I could really be yakking it up with friends. As it is, there’s a couple of dear friends I haven’t spoken to in a while. Everyone has their priorities – I understand – but had their time been a little bit more free, I suppose I would be talking to them a lot more.

Then there’s a couple of people I wish I could call more … but I won’t get into that …

I do miss my friends’ company. It has been tough here so far. I joke about leading a ‘meaningless existence’ here. For the likes of Renka whom have questioned whether or not I’ve been giving this city a fair try … The answer is “not yet”.

Fact is, I’ve been pretty busy with work. I’ve set some pretty strict self-imposed deadlines as I know things should be done by a certain time. Perhaps other don’t understand why, but I know my job. That, and I’ve slowly been picking up other responsibilities beyond the IT scope. I’m finding that I’m starting to dabble here and there in other fields in and around the office.

So I was in convo with Baby-J the other night. “I really think it’s about time you started dating again,” she tells me. Well, according to Carrie of “Sex And The City” it takes ‘one half the time of the relationship to get over it’. Well then … in about 2 years or so I’ll be good to go!

I had a peek at Mitch‘s view of the dating world. I’m not sure if I can entirely agree with how he sees it. In fact, I’ve never had troubles meeting women. Mind you, my style is not to meet them in a bar, club or lounge. I meet people through people. I seem to meet women quite easily.

*But* … meeting the right women is entirely a different story. I’m not saying that the women I know are anything less than first-rate. I’ll go on record in saying that I envy the guys some of these ladies choose to be with. But when affection is not mutual, what’s the point, right?

I suppose it’ll always seem impossible until you’ve met that one person that make you feel truly content and comfortable … even in your own skin. I’ve had that feeling but only twice – once, that I acted on … and another that I hadn’t. I figure I’ll be kicking myself – and very soon, as a matter of fact – for not acting on it.

The question is what, and how to do it … ??? “What The Hell Do I Know!? I’m Just Some Dumb Guy!”. “You can go out for coffee lots and watch movies at someone’s house!”yes, thank you, Blondie, but *that* end result (not that I’m complaining!) is not what I’m looking for. 😛

You know what’s a sobering thought? The thought that some of our parents got married and had kids soon after the age of 20. And I look around now, so many of my friends are now just getting married. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, as it’s what society seems to dictate.

However, the thought of not being able to enjoy some activities with my kids is a sad one. I want to be able to run and kick a soccer ball around with my son. I want to be able to go ice skating with my daughter. Heck, I want to be able to keep up with them. As I figure, I will be well into my 40’s by the time my kids hit age 10. Of course … Dimples already claims me old … *Boo!*

What’s worse is exactly what Lemming-Boy is talking aboutthat ring. Yeah, truth is, a lot of the good ones are taken. And why not, right? After all, everyone wants the goods. It’s no surprise, by any means. But it leaves guys like us up shit creek with no canoe. The more we look around, the less selection we have. Makes me wonder if I’ll ever have kids …

Lunch break is almost over … Will post this later …

{ … dumdeedum … deedumdeedum … }

… it’s later.

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