Posted: 03/30/2005 in None

… An Interesting Start To The Work Week …

… but I won’t get into it. Too much of the office gossip – though some good, some bad – will do any good right about now.

So I’m back to the grind. My visits home never long enough.

I really need to get active again. I should take up Rugby Chick‘s word of encouragement and get myself back into ruggers. And perhaps, I should listen to Dean-O and seriously think about coaching.

I never so much as excelled at the game as I did really understand it. That was the only reason why I was able to compete. Perhaps I should pass along my knowledge to benefit others.

I know I thoroughly enjoyed coaching field hockey with Dalo a couple of years ago. It was an awesome experience, especially since we had a bunch of kids willing to learn.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Thanks, babe. The plane ride was pretty bland, but, I did get to meet Dave “Tiger” Williams. He’s a really nice guy and a complete riot. I said I thought he was crazy for having fought Dave “The Hammer” Shultz … but he thought I was completely nuts for playing rugby.

And Buddy is cute. Heck, he’s the biggest ‘lap dog’ I’ve ever come across …


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