Posted: 03/17/2005 in None

This G No Go Home

Damn Jetsgo … They go under and ticket prices shoot up like my blood pressure when I’m driving in Ditchmond. There goes my trip home for the long weekend … *BOO!*

So I’m a little cranky. I’m tired. I’m a little stressed. And a little frazzled too. Not that I’m placing any blame (AT ALL!) but Renka gave me a call last night. It was certainly a pleasant surprise. It was good to catch up with her. We’d both been busy lately.

Times have certainly changed. It’s odd to think how we reconnected (basically met) about a year ago. Within a couple of weeks, we hatched a plan to do a bi-weekly dinner deal … a deal that ended up being more like a 2 dinner, 1 lunch, and several coffee sessions per week arrangement. Once again .. not that I’m complaining

The chat lasted some 3+ hours … and well into the wee hours of the night. Her problems, my problems … fitting in a bit of gossip. The usual. It was almost odd as we usually do that across the table from each other. We rarely talk on the phone.

After the chat, I couldn’t sleep. I haven’t a clue why. I was pretty burned out as it was from work. It was a pretty trying day. I found that my mind was running a mile a minute.

I really wanted to go home for the long weekend, but simply can’t afford it. There are some people I hadn’t seen in far too long. And some people I haven’t seen enough of. And, of course, certain people I can’t get enough of.

One could argue I should make a trip out east too. I’ll be so close to home, but I do miss my friends out east. There’s the aforementioned Renka. But there’s also D&G (would be nice to re-unite The Funky 4-some for the ritual @ CW), Pac-Man (whom has practically disappeared off the face of the earth; been a long time since we last had a meeting), Jack-E (but we barely saw much of him to begin with), Rugby Chick (catching up on the latest while double-fisting her Sex On The Beach), my ruggers (just being plain stoopit) …

… and then there’s my Marilla*sigh* … I miss my Marilla most of all … It’s just not the same …

… & write back @ ya’!

Wingman : Actually, I met Michael Bublé years and years … and years ago when we were growing up in tha Boondocks. I actually went to grade school and was good friends with his sister, Brandee. Their little sister, Crystal, was in that hit indie flick, “Rollercoaster“, some years back.

So I guess you could say that I’ve known of him for a while now. But undoubtedly, he’s got some talent. Not entirely sure if he’s *quite* as good as Ol’ Blue Eyes though …


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