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… you know, people bitch about how bad their lives are … but hey, you know, it could be worse … you could be this guy

… or worse … you could be Emma Jones


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… An Interesting Start To The Work Week …

… but I won’t get into it. Too much of the office gossip – though some good, some bad – will do any good right about now.

So I’m back to the grind. My visits home never long enough.

I really need to get active again. I should take up Rugby Chick‘s word of encouragement and get myself back into ruggers. And perhaps, I should listen to Dean-O and seriously think about coaching.

I never so much as excelled at the game as I did really understand it. That was the only reason why I was able to compete. Perhaps I should pass along my knowledge to benefit others.

I know I thoroughly enjoyed coaching field hockey with Dalo a couple of years ago. It was an awesome experience, especially since we had a bunch of kids willing to learn.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : Thanks, babe. The plane ride was pretty bland, but, I did get to meet Dave “Tiger” Williams. He’s a really nice guy and a complete riot. I said I thought he was crazy for having fought Dave “The Hammer” Shultz … but he thought I was completely nuts for playing rugby.

And Buddy is cute. Heck, he’s the biggest ‘lap dog’ I’ve ever come across …

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Well, what can I say about this trip back … ?

What I Did …

For starters, this trip was simply for me to relax. Boy, I needed it. Not to say that I’m stressed out from work. In fact, that’s far from the truth. Work has been fine. The people are great, and I’m neck-deep in technology – I’m lovin’ it.

But, living to work is not what I like nor am I used to. I was pretty burned out. Working anywhere from 9 to 20 hour days, 7 days a week takes it’s toll. And it doesn’t help that I haven’t much as an outlet. I hardly have any friends there. I don’t play any sports.

Who I Was With …

I always love my homecomings. However, the only sore point is the total lack of time. It never seems there’s enough time at home, nor do I have enough time to spend with people I want to see.

Thursday, I got to have a sit-down with ‘Tel. When we got booted from the coffee shop at closing time, we went for a bit of a drive and ended up parking and chatting for a while at an all too “romantic” locale. Interesting, the information that is dug up when comparing notes.

Friday, was a ‘surprise’ pot-luck for Dalo, only so it seemed, he’d gone and invited half the people himself. Go figure. In any case, it was good to see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. I think the highlight of my night might have been taking Buddy for a walkabout. I miss having a dog.

Saturday, was late night eats with the boys. As always, good food and good laughs. It was really nice to see Wingman‘s bride-to-be, I-V. Bee cancelled her plans and joined us as well. At the end of the night I got to have a nice leisurely drive out to my old stomping ground to send Bee home. I hadn’t been in the that area in a long time. Afterward, I took a little detour into tha Quay before heading home.

Sunday, I *finally* caught up with GuessGirl. I hadn’t seen her the last 3 times I was back in town. He hit up some dim sum for lunch, did the Robson crawl, and called it a day.

By night, I had dinner with some family friends. It was the usual crowd, the usual laughs. Later on, I popped on over to Jenny-Baby and Bo‘s for a pint. We caught up with the boys at a greasy-spoon. The boys and I finish up the food crawl with a thing o’wings.

Monday, was much ado about nothing. And it was just the way I wanted it. At night, it was an all-you-can-eat feast to celebrate Dalo‘s actual birthday. Needless to say, I had my fair share of the goods that I wouldn’t get on the plains.

What I Know …

This trip home was a bit of an eye-opener. I honestly wish I had more time to spend with my friends, but I really did need the time to myself. I also decided to make sure I see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. On both sides, it worked out.

I had a lot of time to think, and think I did. I made some mistakes. I was stupid enough to go against some of my usual policies. Moreover, I made the mistake of going against my gut instincts.

For years and years, my gut had served me well. I’m rarely – if ever – wrong. I pride myself a little bit in that. I’ve let my logic cloud my judgment. What a shame, I tell you. It could have been simple. It could have been … *sigh*

So What Now?

So, I’m not being charged. But the cops now want me to take an anger management course to deal with my issues with ‘rage’. Yeah …. right … Like Dimples says, “You have issues with rage like I have homicidal tendencies …”

Beyond that, I don’t know what my answer to that question. I’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I hop on a plane in 4 hours to get back to the grind …

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : No worries, babe. I’m fine. Miss you too.

J.Lo : Yes, indeed. Did I ever get you that soundtrack?

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Happy Birthday, Bad Boys!

Here’s a quick note send out best birthday wishes to Dalo and Sweetster. Cheers, boys …

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Thoughts Of The Last Week …

“Why do I bother?”

“I can hear this technology laughing at me … I swear!”

“I wish I had more time.”

“… {grin} … hehe …”

“I miss YVR water …”

“Man, people spit a lot in this city …”

“I miss my mountains.”

“I’m … so … ‘ronery … so ‘ronery … so ‘ronery so sad’ry a’rone …”

“I need to go shopping.”

“So much for people calling you back …”

“… yeah, but she’s worth it … {grin} …”

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And an update on Mitch‘s blog … complete … penguin porn and all!

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Okay! … Something Happened!

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Warz‘s Mug-House Theatre

It was snowy Saturday evening. I had nothing else better to do. It’s not like I have a thriving social life here. After all, I am new in town. And there’s always work to be done. So I headed to work.

I was walking along 7th Ave., minding my own business. I was thinking about a conversation I had recently with someone. As I approached 3rd St., a fellow turns into me, pulls out a knife.

“Give me your wallet,” he said quietly as he waves his knife, “and you won’t get this.”

I took a good look at him. He was a good 6′ … 3″, maybe 4″. He had a thick build. Shaven head, goatee. He dressed like a construction worker; a big, heavy jacket, thick cargo pants, and big steel-toe construction boots. He looked as mean as he was ugly.

I paused for a moment. “No.”

The guy gave me a perplexed look. “I said, ‘Give me your wallet’!”

“I *said* ‘No’.”

So he lunged at me with his knife. I was careful to position myself far enough away and off to the side. I dodged, grabbed him by the wrist, twisted his arm behind his back and followed through to him on the ground, face-first. I disarmed him of his knife, put my knee into his elbow. I heard his upper arm crack. I broke his arm.

I got up and stepped back. “No means no, ass hole.”

He was furious. It must have been the shock, as he appeared not to have been bothered by the broken arm. He got up and came after me.

I couldn’t help but think to myself why it is that this sort of crap happens to me. I am getting mugged all the time. Is it because I’m Asian? Is it because I look non-threatening? I don’t know. But I’ve been mugged 6 times since I was 16.

I was also thinking why I end up in brawls like this. Then, an old teaching from my dad came through in my head. “In a streetfight, there are no rules, no conduct, no honour or respect. There is no structure. It is not a test of skill. It is a matter of survival.”

Truth is, I often let up. There’s no point in making matters worse. But this time, I see there’s no sense in this fellow. It was time to beat some sense into him.

To call it a fight wouldn’t do it justice. It was an ass-kicking. All of my dad’s teachings came through. “… use his power against him … make him move … use his momentum … exploit the weaknesses … hit and hit hard … don’t let up … don’t give him a chance to counter-attack … beat him into submission … if you lose, don’t come home!”

I’ve never been one to hit or punch. I’ve always used submission moves, holds, tosses and twists; I’m more of a grappler. I did make one mistake. I forgot where I had tossed the knife.

After a third or fourth hip-toss, he landed by the knife. Next thing I knew he was coming at me with knife in hand. He lunged again. I took several steps back, grabbed him by the wrist and tossed him again. He came crashing down on his bad arm. The weight of his body fell onto the curb.


He had just broken his arm again, just above his wrist. He finally stopped, as the pain was too much to bear. I found the knife, just as the cops arrived. The scene didn’t look good. Here I was, holding a knife, pinning a badly beaten man down … and claiming that *I* was being mugged.

So, off to the Police Station I went to give my statement. It was pretty textbook … right up until the “… well, we’ll investigate this and we’ll let you know if we decide to press charges against you for assault causing bodily harm.”

“Ah … EXCUSE ME!?”

So there you have it folks … my first real story to report here from mid-March snowy abyss …