Posted: 02/16/2005 in None

Okay … So, It’s 6 O’Freakin’-Clock In The AM …

… and I’ve been at work for an hour now … *oi*

Anyhow …

This may come a little late, but here’s a reminder to all you Fido users. Since Fido has been bought out by Rogers, its users was given some flex to jump back and forth from each network. However, as of February the 9th, Fido users that make calls while on the Rogers network will be charged a fee per use. So lock your phone down to the Fido network.

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : Bonehead … think about it …

And no worries. No offense taken. 😉

Wingman : Hahaha! Classic! I love it!

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