Posted: 02/15/2005 in None

… Yeah, It’s Been A While …

First and foremost I want to send out birthday wishes to Chip, Brighteyes, GuessGirl, Rugby Chick, and Jeffy. I apologize for the delay. Work’s been … well … work

I hate XP … with a passion … WinXP ate my last posting. *boo!*

Anyhow … It’s now Day 8. It’s been an interesting ride. I’ve had little time to spare. Admittedly, I spend a lot of time at work. Since this office is a mess, it’ll take a while to sort it out. My supervisor was a little lacking in knowledge of it all when he scheduled my work, so I can’t blame him. Besides, I’m constantly digging up more stuff that needs tending to.

The other part is that I’m here for the computer and net access; need to find me a spot to call home. That’s been tough. I’ve been looking in the mid-town area. It’s a little older and cheaper … and more prejudice.

“There’s aren’t that many asians in this building. I don’t think you’d be comfortable here. You might want to try another building.

“I can’t let you cook your asian food here because it’ll make the unit smell and I won’t be able to rent it out afterward.”

… yeah? … and fuck you too!

I was warned about it. And it’s not the first time I’ve faced it either. Growing up in tha Boondocks, I played my fair share of sports with different ethnic crowds. I just be the bigger person and walk away. I mean, seriously, I don’t need a manslaughter charge … though I might very well be doing the world a favour.

I consider myself having been pretty lucky when it comes to my moving from city to city. Everywhere I went, I had a small network to work with. In T-Dot, I moved there with Lilith. Berty was there. I also had girlfriend at the time, and her family. Soon after, I reconnected with Renka, D&G … and met the likes of Pac-Man and the ruggers.

Here in Cow-Town, I have MetroBoy and AnnaBanana. But having signed onto my working situation has been something else. I’ve oft made it clear, I think the world of sisters, Gracey, Dimples, and Sassy Hermit, but now I know where they get it comes from.

… and so it’s Valentine’s Day. For you coupled folks out there, have a good one! … and everyone else … bear with it … I feel your pain. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been single for this day. I don’t count last year because I was bitter beyond all belief at the time. This year is a different story. It is lonely. … *sigh*

… tired … time to go home …

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : On second thought, I think you had me mistaken for Bonehead. He’s the hooligan.


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