Posted: 02/05/2005 in None


And such is my new cell phone number effective as of immediately.

… busy, busy, busy … I wish I had more time. I really should be packing and such, but seeing as I’m working on a couple of systems (and that I was ‘bribed’ by Blondie … ;-P …) I thought I’d actually write up a quick post.

Caps finally posted some photos:

Yes, Junior … that shirt *is* pink … get over it …

The week’s gone by entirely way too fast. Of course I saw the usual crowd, but I wish I had more time to see more people. This last year or so, I’ve lost touch with so many people. And moreover, I’ve befriended more people, and I don’t get to see them either.

I’ve been meaning to catch ‘Tel even the last time I was back in town, but due to circumstances beyond our control, it was not to be. She gave me a call tonight. Despite her losing her voice due to illness, it was a pleasure to catch up a bit with her.

Blondie caught me online at an insane hour. I rarely catch her online anymore. She’s often just popping on to check mail, but this time we actually had a bit of a chat. Though I love that gift of sight in the webcam, it’s just not the same as spending time with the person. I miss lounging about with her like we did back in the day. I bet our revealing chat would have be very different had it been in person. But of course, one could argue that had it been in person, parts of the conversation never would have presented itself.

… I’m about to start to ramble … I’d better stop here and continue later …

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