Posted: 01/14/2005 in None

Today sucked on several levels.

My back gave out on me this morning. It’s been bothering me for a good couple of weeks now. I guess the stress and insomnia finally catching up with me again. Let’s just say I know this pain all too well.

I lost a day of packing due to my back troubles. This puts me behind on an already (self-imposed) tight schedule. But in hind-sight, at least I got some thinking done and organized in my head.

I received some bad news … I realized I’m a total moron, not by choice … I won’t get into details …

So today, I laid on the couch for the most part thinking. In previous conversations with people, when asked if I was excited to embark on a new chapter in my life, I found myself having said that I was … but “… I’ll be leaving good friends behind.”.

I know I’ll be leaving good friends behind. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened either. I miss my friend back home dearly. I love that fact I fit right back into the fold when I’m back. Like they say, with good friends, you pick up right where you left off.

I don’t doubt it in this city either. Some of my closest friends are here. And I know that they want what’s best for me too. It was with this sentiment in mind that my friends back home sent me packing. And same is true of my friends here.

However, this crowd is a little bit different. Do not get me wrong here. My friends back home have always, always been there for me. But this TO crowd has kept me sane in an insane city. They made life here bearable. They were my support group. One by one, they lined up that support I needed – whether they knew it or not.

In each of my friends I can pinpoint the exact quality that I draw support from. It is for these very qualities that I admire them so. My friends are great people. So as I sat there thinking, “Well, {what’s-her-name} is great for this. And no one is better than {what’s-his-name} for that …”.

It dawned on me that this jack of all trades, but master of none … really isn’t that good at any one thing at all. It could even be the littlest thing … like … driving … public speaking … back rubs … cooking … Just once, I’d like to know what it feels like to be good at something.

Which brings me to my point of the evening …

Hitch“. Sure, it doesn’t make much sense to you, eh? So one day, I’m sitting there talking to Baby-J when the trailer for the movie pops on TV. She turns to me … “Hey, that’s so you!”*sigh* … Yup. It is. Go and watch it. It’s the story of my life.


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