Posted: 01/13/2005 in None

… Must Remember To Breathe … Must Remember To Breathe …

So I got back into town with little fanfare. It’s pretty much what I wanted and needed. The landing was a little hairy. The plane fish-tailed a couple of times. Someone actually screamed out, “We’re gonna diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee!”. … *meh* … I got home, took a quick nap, and got back into the swing of things.

I saw Baby-J first thing. I feel badly as I woke her up entirely way too early – but it was great to see her. Met up with Cutie by early evening to start the rounds of errand-running. I played delivery boy for Renka, importing her some goods from Terra Breads. Met up with Pac-Man for a late dinner at BP.

I’ve been pretty busy dealing with stuff, but I’ve been slowly catching up with people. One of such people I got into a pretty interesting conversation with. It was a conversation I’ve had with many a person, many a time. What made this conversation interesting was the end result.

It’s long been known that I’m not a guy. I’m always the friend. Even the newest of acquaintances see that right away. What’s particularly rare, is how some of my new guy friends say that about me. I’m no threat to any of the ladies, as I come across as a friend, and not a guy trying to get in their pants.

So basically the conversation goes “I’m too much the nice guy … I over-shoot that window of opportunity … too much the friend …”. Yeah, nothing new, really. I’ve heard it all before. But most people say that I shouldn’t fret, and that I should wait for the right lady to come along. However, this person pushed for me to get more aggressive and actually pursue any and all ladies that might perk my interest.

Interesting thought, but I doubt that’ll work for me. It’s simply not my style.

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : Glad you got it figured out! Wish I could have helped you more.

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