Posted: 12/28/2004 in None

It’s been a good day. I drove out to tha Boondocks for a little engagement party for Zed and Baek-Ko’Laska. As always, Zed‘s parents were great hosts. We witnessed a little bit of Indian marriage customs, enjoyed some good grub, and met some old and new friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of Zed‘s floormates from undergrad. As it turns out, she’s currently a law student in Cow-Town, and offered me her email address to look her up when I get into town. So, meeting 2 new friends from a city that I’ve not yet moved to within 1 week … not bad. 🙂

As most of you know, I’ve been going through some major hockey withdrawal. But lately, the IIHF has given me a heavy does of sanity with the World Junior Championships.

I’ve always been a big fan of this tourney. A big part of the reason why I enjoy coaching sports so much is that I get to watch the development of young talent. In this tourney, I get to watch the young stars that’ll be the next wave of rookies in the NHL.

This year’s team has been touted as what could be Canada’s best junior team ever. We have a team of 12 returnees from last year’s squad. The majority of the players are the captains or assistant captains of their respective teams. And with Brent Sutter – of the 6-brother hockey family that spawned the commonly known hockey phrase “plays like a Sutter” – behind the bench, there is little doubt this team will be lacking in heart. I might just be inclined to agree.

We have a young phenom in Sidney Crosby – whom “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky believes will be the one to break his records – paired with NHL’er Patrice Bergeron. The punishing Dion Phaneuf, many believe is the second coming of Scott Stevens. Smooth skating Brent Seabrook is “like Paul Coffey, only bigger,”. Captain, Michael Richards, is being likened to HHOF‘er Bobby Clarke.

We have a hard working team where everyone plays like a Sutter, not knowing how to quit. We have 3 bonafide scoring lines, where most other teams barely have 2. We have a big, physical team where even the smallest guys hit like Mack trucks.

Yes, this tourney is Canada’s to lose …

… & write back @ ya’!

Baby-J & Baby-J: See what did I tell you?! You always get what you want!

… and leave the little brat be. She’s just teasing!

Yeah, life at home has been great so far. It’s good to see family, family friends, and friends. It’s a bit of a shame that I haven’t had the chance to see as many of them as I would like, but such is life. It’s been pretty rushed thus far.

I know it’s been some year now, but it’s still not the same without you around. You know … the famed 4-hour lunches … driving about aimlesslyimpromptu border runs for dinner … *sigh* … miss you …

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