Posted: 12/20/2004 in None

Happy Belated, Lilith!

It’s been real, eh? Seemed just yesterday we were moving into together … Dinner’s on me at Phnom Penh!

I know I’m late again … I’m horrible. It’s still been super busy, but at the same time I’m trying to fit in the things I wanna do.

Yesterday, I did my annual bit of community service. It’s great to try to spread some x’mas cheer. It’s especially fulfilling to know that we’ve managed to brighten the season those less fortunate.

This year, a story surfaced that really makes you think. A family delivered a hamper to a single mother with 5 children (all under the age of 10), living in a one-bedroom basement suite in a nearby neighbourhood within the proximity of the school. You wouldn’t expect to see families with such hard times in such an area, but they were taken in by the homeowner whom is trying to help. Rent was being paid “as it becomes available”.

The family delivering the hamper was so moved, that they found themselves emptying their pockets of everything they had on them for the sake of the single mother – a gesture that left the single mother in tears. When the family returned to the school to help deliver more hampers, you can tell they were of a sombre mood. They were touched. They were changed. As we were told, this single mother and her kids were in very, very rough shape.

I grew up in and around a lot of white-collar folks. I was born and raised into a very blue-collar neighbour. However, at times, it seems that my family barely had a collar to wear. We’re not taking wife-beater with mustard stains, but we didn’t have a lot of the luxuries our peers had.

My siblings and I owe everything we are to our parents. They’ve taken a huge chance, financially, to ensure a good upbringing for us. We’ve been brought up with a white-collar culture stature having blue-collar values. It’s with our eyes, having seen both worlds, that we do what we do.

Last night and tonight, I popped on by to see Blondie. She’d just had surgery – having removed her wisdom teeth – and was looking for a bit of company. It’s always nice to see her. Seems that we always get into a comfortable groove with very regular visits. I like it.

I called Dimples and had a nice chat with her. Since I never see her online anymore, I thought I’d ring her up. It’s always a treat talking with her – funny subjects, good laughs … and, no, I didn’t call for your father!

Okay, I’m now officially going through withdrawal. I miss Kira. I miss having a great roommate in Baby-J. I miss the meetings at the clubhouse with Pac-Man. I miss C-W with D&G. I miss knowing that Berty is a phone call and a short drive away. I miss running errands and lounging around with Cutie. I miss dining out with Renka, my culinary partner in crime. I miss gettin’ stoo-pit with the Ruggers. I miss my hockey

What I don’t miss? … the windchill

I should be packing right now. Still procrastinating, am I. It’s ‘tradition’, I tells ya’! I’ll be crashing at MetroBoy‘s at first … then … ??? I’ll be catching Cutie, Dimples and Sassy Hermit, I’m sure. Hoping to see AnnaBanana and Smiley Panda, but time is tight. We’ll see. Anyhow … not sure if I’ll be online for a while … but I should be back just before x’mas.

Cheers …

Dutchess : I know you just got back into town, and now I’m leaving! But I’ll be back! Hang tight! Be sure to send me best to your folks!

Sassy Hermit : Go to bed! You have an exam tomorrow! Good luck, tomorrow and the next!


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