Posted: 12/18/2004 in None

Time To Tie One On With Wingman And Li’l Ed!

I know it’s a little late … I’ve been super busy … but here it is … Happy Birthday buddies! It’s fine time we whoop it up!

So, I popped by Saint’s today to see what the set-up was for the Hamper Drive. Of course, Daddy was there, running around like a chicken with its head cut off. He’s got so much to keep up with, and he’s doing it all after what might be the toughest couple of years of his life; such a trooper, that guy …

After dinner at home (boy have I missed mom’s home-cooked meals!), I headed on over to see Sassy Hermit for a quick visit. It’s always a pleasure to see her, although today she wasn’t in the greatest of moods since it’s exam season. I did a quick look-see of the computers and headed off.

Later on in the evening, Pac-Man flew into town. So I rounded up the boys for a late-night bite at BP. It’s so nice to be home again. Sitting around the table with the likes of Jovo, Wingman, Irv, Ah-Ho, and having Pac-Man and Li’l Ed in town was awesome.

I should really get some sleep. We have an early morning tomorrow … doing our part for the community. 🙂


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