Posted: 12/16/2004 in None

I’m Home!

So I got no sleep before my flight; which was fine. I napped a little bit here and there on the flights. The first leg of my travel started a little bit late. Somehow, they managed to miscalculate the amount of luggage and cargo, and so we had unload only to reload several times. And as per the usual, in order to save money, we were stuffed into the plane like sardines … with no air conditioning.

So this caused for an hour delay, which really sucked because it meant that Dimples would be waiting at the Cow-Town airport, and that we’d be a little rushed for lunch. I arrived late, but we got to head out for a quick bite.

It was really good to see her. She was looking very smart in her office attire, as she was helping out the company on the day. We ran out for some Chinese. It was quick and far too brief. I’d much rather a good sit-down.

I don’t like being rushed while traveling. It pretty much takes the fun out of it all. We made it back pretty much just in time for me to board. In fact I was the last person to board.

The last leg of my trip was rather uneventful, but somewhat humourous. There was a guy sitting behind me, trying to pick up a lady he’s sitting next to. The entire flight he was making himself sound the expert on my home town. He ended up offering to show her around town … a town that he’s “all too familiar with.”. It was funny enough as it was, but I could hardly contain myself when we were readying to land.

“You see that mountain right there? [pointing at Cypress Mountain] … That’s Whistler; it’s just north of the city. You can tell by the famous ‘Twin-Peaks’ [meaning the Lions].”

As you can imagine, I was doing the rolling-my-eyes-but-not-because-I’m-bent-over-from-laughing routine.

“We’ll be landing in Surrey – just north-east of the city. The airport can’t be in the city because it’s too close to the mountains. We’re flying over the seawall [thinking the seawall around Stanley Park, but actually referring to the Iona Jetty in Iona Beach Regional Park, just west of Richmond].”

At this point, I was tempted to cock block … but, I couldn’t be bothered. I was in far too good a mode to get into any sort of argument with anyone.

When I landed, I was greeted by Ah-Mun and the ‘rents. We did the family thing. It’s incredible how quickly one can get back into the fold of things. I haven’t stopped since I’ve been home.

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : No doubt, my friend … we’ll be throwing a couple down, I tell ya’ …

Dutchess : Heya, honey … I’ll be home for the holidays, then I’m heading back out east to settle my affairs. I will be moving, but I’m just not sure whether it be home or not … not yet at least.


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