Posted: 12/14/2004 in None

Last Meeting At The Clubhouse For ’04

Not a whole lot to share with you folks today. The day basically saw me run some errands. Come dinner time, I called for an early meeting with Pac-Man and Cutie. We had a quick bite, wished our favourite waiter a happy holiday season, and called it a night.

I popped on by Renka‘s to drop some things off. We chatted, caught up a bit over a cup of tea. She showed me some pictures from her recent Japan trip. Good company, she was, as always.

And so I came home, and sat in front of my computer … my office, if you will. As for the last … oh … 4 hours or so, I’ve been chatting with various people. Most notably:

    Sassy Hermit … as we talk about this and that … and how this affects that … but that’s not to say that that depends on this

    GuessGirl … asking me random things about something specific

    Bo … about how “this old geezer will be too old to do what he wishes he could remember …”

    Blondie … for all but 45 seconds … as opposed to our previous mark of 45 minutes … and me being seriously disappointed to have found her sober … *boo*

I really should be packing right now, but I can’t seem to motivate myself. I’m not sure why either.

Yes, things are looking up … and yet, they seem so uncertain. So it seems, I have come so close to something I want … but I know I won’t be there to get it.

What’s a guy gotta do to get to get a clue around here?

You think you’re confused? You couldn’t last ten steps in my shoes …

… & write back @ ya’!

Dutchess : Nope. No joke. At one point, you do realize that the entire crew is in fact, in jail. But you should watch it for the rest of the movie … 😉

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