Posted: 12/13/2004 in None

Busy Little Blogger, Aren’t I?

I had forgotten to mention that I enjoyed another movie in “Ocean’s Twelve” last night with Cutie as well. I hadn’t even see “Ocean’s Eleven” yet, so I figured it would have made for an interesting watch. As Baby-J tells us, some reviewers were a little less than enthused about this flick. But as the pseudo-movie buff that I am, I had to see for myself.

I did watch the original “Ocean’s Eleven” featuring the old “Rat Pack” some decade ago. I can’t say I remember much of it, other than the very basic plotline. Needless to say, I was watching this sequel to the modern-day remake as if it were a movie all to itself.

And as that, I quite enjoyed the flick. It kept you on your toes. It wasn’t quite as exciting as you’d expect from the likes of a ‘heist’ movie. In fact, I’ll tell you now that they failed, and got jailed. The build-up is slow, but smart. Of course, you’d expect a twist at the end … but it wasn’t entirely unpredictable. There were a series of clues, if you really pay attention.

I’ll have to dig up my copy of the remake soon …


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