Posted: 12/13/2004 in None

So I can’t sleep … Might as well make myself another post …

Some nights ago, I was just as restless as I am tonight. I popped on over to see what’s the latest at . The headline was “Nokia Takes On the RAZR With the 6170”.

I had reported before about the Moto RAZR V3. I specifically stated that it could be the phone that would lure me away from my beloved Nokias. However, looking at the competition, I’d have to think twice.

According to the review, both phones are pretty well matched is most categories. The Nokia 6170 offers color screens (internal and external), a VGA camera, GPRS, EDGE and push-to-talk ability … but this unit is only a tri-band, and is lacking the Bluetooth.

As aesthetics go, the 6170 has nothing on the RAZR. However, I still have much faith in the Nokia OS, and very little in that of Motorola’s. But as a former hardcore Motorola user, it’s nice to see they’ve finally come back into the fold after that StarTAC blunder.

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