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What Can I Say? … We’re All Getting Older … And I Love My Friends

WARNING: … long, sentimental post …

I had a pretty late night last night, considering Kira was acting up and wanted me to sleep with her on the futon. I had a bit of a nap with her, which calmed her down quite a bit. But I woke up for seemingly no apparent reason. I did my thing on the net, until Baby-J came home from C Lounge, the latter portion of her night.

After a while, I simply couldn’t sleep. I stayed up watching some episodes of “The Family Guy” I had recorded on the DVR I was provided with by Rogers Cable TV. I tell you folks, these machines are incredible! It’s a cable box. It’s a digital recorder. It’s awesome!

This unit will make any TV seem wicked. Firstly, this may not be a major factor, but it provides picture-in-picture – which was previously a feature practically reserved as a TV-native function. Secondly, you can record several channels, while watching or surfing to any other number of channels. Thirdly, you won’t get the signal degradation you would normally otherwise get using a conventional VCR.

It’s also extremely comprehensive. Combined with the cable-server-side TV guide, you can program this unit with the greatest of ease. You just click away, find the movie or show you want to record, press ‘Record’. You’ll be greeted by quick series options, and you’ll be set. You can choose to record just that movie or show, or have it automatically record all following episodes of any particular show. You even have several options as to when the recordings are deleted; after a certain amount of time, or when you choose to delete it manually. If I were to move into a place all to myself, and my cable provider provided such compatible services, there’s no doubt I’d be getting another one of these babies!

Okay, enough of that shameless plug

Speaking of moving … There is now a high possibility that I will be moving home. As there is very little TO has to offer to me, I might as well pack up and head. It would be very bittersweet, I must say. This place has become “home” of sorts. I have very dear friends here. It’s like a small family away from home, comprised of several dis-placed westcoast’ers.

I suppose it’s been pretty apparent this last week or so; … having had visitors like MetroBoy popping by … having to bail out a drunken Pac-Man … having a semi-regular routine of doggy-shitting Kira. But I think this last weekend, culminating at the end of today, that really brings it all together in my mind.

Friday night, I had the pleasure of Renka and Cutie‘s company for dinner and coffee. Cutie and I have had a long-standing friendship since our late teen years – the friendship being the resultant of a botched set-up attempt by a former friend of ours. And through her, I met my culinary partner in crimeRenka. These two ladies are wonderful, and easily counted as two of my closer friends.

Today, Dalo drove in from the Hammer to spend the day, take care of things – he brought out some x’mas gifts for me to bring back home to his family -, and do a little bit more shopping. Or maybe it’s just to get away from the wife – just kidding, Gracey! He popped by a little earlier than expected, so he was subjected to round of Baby-J‘s and my cleaning.

Afterward, we rounded up Cutie and hit Yorkdale. Since I’ve been so busy with finding a job and such, I’ve yet to start my holiday season shopping. I’m glad to say that I got gifts for my family out of the way quickly because it’s been sitting on my mind for a bit. But I’m still a little behind when it comes to some others.

When the shopping was done, we hit the local Bâton Rouge for some din-din. As usual, it’s good times when out with dear friends.

When we got home, I was hit with two surprises. One, being a gift from D&G. Honestly, I was not expecting a gift, nor is one necessary by any means. They’ve been wonderful friends to me, and far too generous. You guys are the greatest!

And the second, Baby-J surprised me with her x’mas gift to me. I didn’t expect one, but was – as of last night – told that one was coming. This gift, nearly floored me; although my surface reaction may not have indicated it. Frankly, this gift is far too special to keep from you all … so here it is.

In all honesty, I’m near tears at this very moment just thinking about the significance of this gift. What you’d have to understand, though most would never come close to doing so, is the basis and nature of our relationship. I won’t even get into it, because my posted word would do it no justice.

Needless to say, my leaving this city – be it to move home or another city – would affect her the most. Our relationship … Our living arrangement … She’s made it no secret she wants me to stay. I know as much. And it’ll be really, really difficult to leave her.

In life, sometimes one must do whatever it is necessary, as one may have no choice. And yet, sometimes one finds oneself on the doorstep of a wonderful opportunity that one cannot pass up. In her gift, Baby-J has made it clear she supports me in what I must do … to go where I must. You’ll always be my ‘Marilla’ … and I, your ‘Matthew’ …

You see, just this little while, there have been so many facets of life has been presented before me and all of them indicate one thing – that we’re all getting older. I’m still not used to hearing Dalo rolling off “Oh, it’s for my wife …”. The x’mas cards, gifts and all. Career decisions are being made. We’re no longer just young adults, as we’re labeled in our post-teen stage. We are living the rest of our lives now

Growing up, we all had our fair share of ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’. They were our parents’ friends and loved ones. And yet, far too often I fail to realize that those around me, will be those very ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ to my kids.

And my kids will be, oh, so lucky to have such quality people to look up to …

I love you guys … I love you all …

… & write back @ ya’!

Rugby Chick : Yeah. I actually really wanted the soup! But as I heard they were running out, and I knew several people in the party were interested, so I opted not to order it. Instead, I ordered the succulent foie gras. Although a wee bit colder than desired, it was very decadent.

Hey, are you heading back to C’ford for the holidays? We’ll have to hook up using Skype! I hope you dad didn’t flip over the LD charges last time I was out west!

J.Lo : I have to stress that Baby-J does throw wonderful dinner parties. It’s no fault of hers when things go wrong. In any given gathering, any number of things can go wrong that are well beyond the control of the host.

This particular incident may have been just luck of the draw. We took a chance on a restaurant no one has tried, trusting the reviews posted here and there. Most everything I’ve listed as having gone wrong were not as a result of poor planning. I place blame squarely on the establishment.

Other hang-ups are just as you questioned: the “odd number of people thing”. We had … some people cancel at the last minute … people deciding to bring other people at the last minute … people deciding to be a crass act all night …

It’s really no reflection on Baby-J‘s planning. Everything was beyond her control.

I’m glad to hear the laptop is working well for you! How are you liking the Win2K? How would you compare it to the WinXP? Do let me know if you have any problems, eh? If there’s anything I can to do help, you just give me a shout. You know how to find me!

BTW, that foie gras I had … *very juicy* … ;-P

Wingman :*oi* … don’t I know it …

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