Posted: 12/09/2004 in None

I didn’t do much today, except join Pac-Man and Cutie to watch “Blade: Trinity“, the third installment of the series based on the Marvel character. I had high hopes for this feature because I found “Blade II” to have actually been a pretty good sequel. I was curious to see who was the director, since it was Stephen Norrington whom directed the first, and Guillermo del Toro its sequel.

In this chapter, I found David S. Goyer‘s direction of the film a little less than desirable. The first chapter had a truly dark feel to it, of which I really enjoyed. Some things were far-fetched, but it was to be expected for a comic book story. The second brought in more of the special effects, but still maintaining a great storyline. The third however, started to lose its edge on both the storyline and effects.

This plot was thin and seemingly all too simple. I was hoping for more background information to be presented and a lot more development of the characters in the plot. This was not to be. There was no mystery, nor any twists in the plot. The entire movie was very straight-forward.

I shouldn’t be knocking the effects, per say. They were very clean and done well. However, the movie left very little room to showcase it at all. Either the scenes were a little quick and far too short, or the lighting was simply too dark.

Although, coming as the last chapter in a series of good movies, I was hoping for more, but in the end this was an entertaining movie. Bringing in Jessica Biel added a bit of the feminine touch. As if the action, blood, gore and a hot chick wasn’t enough to entice men to watch this movie, they brought in Paul Michael Levesque – more commonly known as Triple H of WWE fame – to throw into the mix.

What really drew me to this movie was the setting. This picture was filmed in my beautiful home-town. The entire time I was picking out which locations they filmed at, all the while admiring the gorgeous city. What’s more is that co-staring is one of my home-town’s native sons … Ryan Reynolds.

His nonchalant brand of humour really brought a new dimension to this storyline. Frankly, I think it saved this film. What’s even more interesting is that his style of humour, most notably in “Van Wilder“, is exactly how he is in real life.

I first met Reynolds some years ago when I ran into him at Nevermind. He had just signed on to the sitcom “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place” and looking to celebrate with “MADtv” star Will Sasso (another Rain-City native). To join them was supposed to be Barry Pepper – a V-Island native whom met Sasso on “Madison” – but never he never showed.

These guys are so fun to hang out with. With Sasso’s physical comedy, and Reynolds’ flippant humour, the entire joint was their audience. There was not a person there was wasn’t entertained.


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