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… Yadda Yadda …

WARNING: Long post …

On my drive up to the ‘winter blunderland‘, an errant rock hit my left front headlight. It cracked the lens and knocked a good chunk of the lens out. Due to the cold weather, my new bulb blew up by night. Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper …

When the snow came down at it’s worst, I was seriously worried about my drive home. I had so little traction it was a little scary. Thank goodness for 4WD, let me tell you. But, by mid-day, most of the snow had blown away or melted, so we dropped by the local CAA office to pick up a couple of maps and were on our way.

The trek out was rather uneventful until we were on the outskirts of Montréal. This city is a mess of a highway hub. Moreover, the highway signs are horrible. Firstly, they’re in French – which is fair enough, but didn’t make it easier for us. Secondly, the highway designations were puny. Lastly, most signs were posted above the off-ramps.

In the end, this meant that we could barely read them fast enough … nor could we see them to begin with … and to make matters worse, by the time we see the damn sign, we’ll have realized that we’ve missed the turn-off. And so … we got lost. Well, not lost as it really was that we had to take a scenic route. It cost us about a half-hour.

Just as we hit the QuebecOntario border, we were hit with a lot of wind. I had some serious troubles keeping the truck on the road. Soon after, the snow started to come down. At first, it wasn’t so bad as it wasn’t sticking – but that changed soon enough. Visibility was horrible until we neared the Slammer.

The whole trip took us about 6.5 hours again, but this time around, we included a bit of a detour and a lot of slowing down for safety’s sake. I just wonder what times I’d have with I were taking Tallulah or Izabella on this trip.

As I got home, I barely had time to sit down when I got a phone call from MetroBoy (whom I was to meet up with since he’s in town for just one night) …

“Hey, Warz. Can you come pick Pac-Man up? He’s done.”

Yup, stick a fork in him. He was done like dinner. He was so drunk, they got kicked out the club. MetroBoy and his friends tried to carry him back to the hotel, but to no avail. Pac-Man laid there on the street for a good 20 minutes before I got down there.

We tried to find his keys, but had no luck. Since we couldn’t get him home we figured it was best to have his sleep it off and sober up a bit first. Basically, I had to fireman-carry his ass to the hotel and up to MetroBoy‘s room so we could dump him in the bath tub … and we turned him on his side so he choke on his own vomit. After that, we went for a bite to wait it out. Eventually, some hours later, we finally woke him up, only to have him tell us he had his keys the entire time. *OI!*

In any case, it was good to see MetroBoy and meet some of his friends. It’s always a pleasure to meet new folks. I’m hoping to catch him out west come early January.

Tonight, a stir-crazy Cutie messages me to catch “National Treasure“. I have to say, it was the most unbelievable movie I’ve seen in a while – and not unbelievable in a good sense. For an action flick, nothing made any sense.

Yes, Diane Kruger is pretty nice to look at. But I find it hard to believe that a the person charged with the task of over-seeing the care for the Declaration Of Independence and other priceless historical documents could be so young. It’s a bit of a shame that Hollywood gives up realism in favour of what sells. As per everything else, you’d have to see the movie to understand as my writing about here would do it no justice. However, as odd as it may be, I actually recommend this movie.

I’m glad that I did go see this flick because the humour was great. Perhaps it was simply off-beat enough for my liking. I found Nicolas Cage‘s character rather amusing. His flippant responses and reactions got me chuckling more than a few times.

This week, I have several things to look forward to. Firstly, Renka gets back tomorrow; it seems like forever since she’s been gone. I’ve got a couple of meetings with the hope of finding myself a job. I desperately need to clean house and car. It’ll be good to get back into the swing of things.

Lately, I’ve been chatting with a lot of people online. By ‘lately’ I mean these last couple of weeks. I’ve made no secrets of my worried and troubles to my friends. Everyone’s been really supportive, for which I’m extremely grateful. What I’ve found is that there are undoubtedly differing camps as to where people think I should live.

The hometown crowd wants me home. The east-coast crew wants me here. *sigh* It’s nice to be wanted. 🙂 I’ve made it known that I am really torn on the matter. But it really comes down to me doing what I have to do. Fear not, my friends, for I’ll be around and never out of touch. C’mon, is it in me to forget my friends?

Okay, it’s time for me to shamelessly plug a new chatting medium. Skype is the hype! Imagine an instant messenger – complete with comprehensive archive messaging – *and* telephony … that works!

I came across this a little while ago, but only decided to give it a try after J.Lo mentioned it to me. It turns your computer into one big speakerphone. It’s free, and the audio quality is pretty damn good too. So, if you’ve got friends around the world (*ahem!* … Dutchess), you should look into it.

In just a little over a week, I’ll be homeward-bound for the holidays. I’ll be flying WestJet for the first time. I booked, and within a day, they’ve already decided to cancel my flight and bump me to another one. But it’s no loss, really. I’ll be connecting through to Cow-Town, so hopefully I can grab a quick lunch with Dimples as she’ll be visiting home for the holidays.

… & write back @ ya’!

Wingman : … hmm … Asia, huh? I never thought I’d say this … but … I don’t think I could *afford* to lose weight … :-S


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