Posted: 12/04/2004 in None

Okay, I finally figured out this French keyboard. Rather, I finally convinced the staff here that I’m actually a computer consultant, therefore, I know what I’m doing – THE FOOLS! … hehe … So I installed the English language pack; it only took me about an hour to do it since I had to rely on as much of my high school French as I can muster up, and this machine runs about as well as a wheel barrow with no wheel.

In any case, last night Cutie and I went out for dinner at a creperie called Au Petit Coin Breton. It was *so* good! I ordered a crepe with tomatoes, cheese, salami, peppers and mushroom … and I got a pizza. Quite literally, it was a pizza. Not that I was complaining as it was a very good pizza … er, crepe … whatever you’d call it.

Cutie had a chicken and asparagus concoction. Frankly, I preferred her choice. Perhaps it was because it was a little more savoury. We both agreed it could have used a little bit more ‘kick’ – like grated sundried tomatoes. Also, her crepe was made from sweetwheat, as apposed to the buckwheat I had.

For desert, we both ordered fruit crepes. Hers pear, while mine strawberries – both with the sweetwheat crepes, maple butter and custard. Let me say … abso-freakin’-lutely decadent! I’d recommend this creperie to anyone coming through this way.

For lunch today, we tried St. Hubert. It’s pretty much a franchaise spot with the chicken-thing going on. Nothing spectacular to report. Nothing to write home about …

It’s cold. By late afternoon, the white stuff started coming down. And it came down. And it came down some more. And it kept on coming down. And it’s still coming down. … *oi* … I’m starting to worry that i might not be able to make it home tomorrow night. My truck doesn’t fare too well on the clear-slick since my tires (don’t) bite (at all).

All in all, I’ve been rather unimpressed with this set of Pirelli Scorpion AT‘s. They’re pretty good off-road – in the mud and snow – but on ice or the road (particularly the highways) they’re seriously lacking. The ride is harsh, bumpy, and jumpy. Next set of rubbers I get will be all about the comfort … and performance. ;-P

I’ve thought about those stock Toyota-issued Dunlop Grandtrek TG27‘s. The Bean had a great set of Dunlop’s but I’m not entirely sure if I would slap a set onto Phoebus. I’ve been recommended the Michelin Cross Terrain SUV by the ‘tire gurus’ at Costco. I’ll see when the time comes.

… & write back @ ya’!

Jovo : Yup … but don’t worry buddy … some things have changed. I can’t eat nearly as much anymore. I think I can only do 1 dinner, and 2 rounds of late night eats now … tops …

Ghis : Just read your post – and it’s a good one. You are one of the lucky ones. Just enjoy the ride. And smile … 😀

Dutchess : See you, I will … Catch up, we shall … It’s been far too long …

Wingman : Please! What’s your secret?! … *ai-yah* … I could use all the help I can get … 😦


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