Posted: 12/03/2004 in None


It`s 6 AM, and unlike the usual morning, I had just woken up. Normally I will be just going to bed, but seeing as I spent a good part of the day driving up here to QC yesterday on 2 hours of sleep, I crashed soon after dinner.

According to Mapquest, this trip should have taken 8.5 hours. I`m proud to say I did it in 6.5 … and I got lost once too – courtesy of Mapquest`s instructions. The entire trip took 8.5 hours, but it included a lunch, several pit-stops, and getting caught up in rush-hour traffic going through Montréal.

The drive here was pretty fun. I`ve been able to enjoy my truck like never before. Having spent significant dough beefing up the suspension, then having to forking out a pretty penny for an engine rebuild, Pheobus has been quite a fun drive. Some better tires, frame reenforcement, and more flow would have make this ride complete. I only wished for a bit more scenery on the drive. Out here at this time of year, everything is dead.

Being here is like being in a whole other country. You really take for granted the language you`re so used to conversing in. Mind you, most everyone here speaks a bit of English, but it is a little intimidating when you`re first greeting in a language other than your native (or adopted) tongue. Even now, I`m struggling to make heads and tails of this french keyboard. So you`ll have to forgive me if this post looks a little `off`.

As I`m staying at a Days Inn where they have a complimentary internet connection, I shall not hog the computer. I`ll post more when I can.

Cheers, my friends!

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