Posted: 12/01/2004 in None

Home For The Holidays

Last night I had a meeting at the clubhouse with Pac-Man, and he suggested we catch a flick tonight. So, Cutie popped by after work and we hit the theatres to watch a movie. Only problem was, we weren’t sure which movie to watch. We couldn’t seem to find a movie we all hadn’t watched, were interested in watching, and had a early enough showtime for out liking.

In the end, we took a chance on a one that we none of us really heard about or remembered – “After The Sunset“. This movie proved to be quite a bit of a surprise for us. Firstly, rarely does one walk into a movie literally not knowing what the movie is about, thus, not knowing what to expect.

What can I say is that I really don’t know why this movie hasn’t been as well received as it could have been. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as marketed as it should have been … ? Maybe it was because it was up against other bigger blockbusters … ? Nonetheless, this movie has good humour, some funky gadgets, a great plotline with a couple of twists, beautiful people, and is set on a gorgeous Caribbean island.

I think it’s worth the watch.

Oh well, so I’ve set up a series of meetings with various companies … any of which I’d like to be joyfully employed at … By that I mean having them pay me money. I’m glad to say I do get to go home for the holidays. It’ll be good to see my loved ones. I desperately need to get away from this monstrosity otherwise known as the center of the universe.

… & write back @ ya’!

Ghis : You know, I’ve always objectively known that home is beautiful. I’ve traveled to many places – such as the Caribbean, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, The Florida Keys … – but none of them made me as appreciative of its beauty as this dump I live in now. After my first visit here about 2 years ago, I was in near tears when I saw the mountains as the plane approached home.

In any case, I know I tend to bitch quite a bit here. After all, this is my form of ‘therapy’. But truth is, a lot of it is just me venting some frustrations. Those who know me know that I don’t quit. I just keep truckin’ …

Thanks for the encouragement, babe!


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