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… and again


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Look … think about it …

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Reach Out And Help Someone … Do It!

Every night, as a part of my winding down, I go and read all of my friends’ blogs. Today, I found Gracey‘s post. I didn’t say anything about it earlier, but I, too, donated whatever I had in my pocket at the time to UNICEF while I was at Oakridge yesterday.

No, Gracey‘s words didn’t inspire me to donate … but they did move me to say this: Help The Cause, People!. I’m by no means a rich man. Heck, in this crazy world, I’m just a nut trying to find a squirrel. But right now, I have what so many others do not …

… a roof over my head …

… clean running water …

… food …

… medicine …

… electricity …

… heat …

… my health …

… my family, friends and loved ones …

Do I really need to go on? … didn’t think so.

Honestly, if the little bit of money I’ve dropped helps but one person, I’d be happy. Look around, and imagine if you had none of all that you see. What would your life be like?

Here’s how you can help …

Red CrossOxfamWorld VisionUNICEFDevelopment and Peace

Christian Children’s FundUJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Doctors Without BordersThe Salvation Army

Canadian Tamil Congress @ 416.751.8777

Canadian Relief Organization for Peace in Sri Lanka @ 416.429.2822

Make it happen. You know, you’d want others to do the same for you …

Gracey, my hat’s off to you and your hubby …

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It’s been a good day. I drove out to tha Boondocks for a little engagement party for Zed and Baek-Ko’Laska. As always, Zed‘s parents were great hosts. We witnessed a little bit of Indian marriage customs, enjoyed some good grub, and met some old and new friends.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of Zed‘s floormates from undergrad. As it turns out, she’s currently a law student in Cow-Town, and offered me her email address to look her up when I get into town. So, meeting 2 new friends from a city that I’ve not yet moved to within 1 week … not bad. 🙂

As most of you know, I’ve been going through some major hockey withdrawal. But lately, the IIHF has given me a heavy does of sanity with the World Junior Championships.

I’ve always been a big fan of this tourney. A big part of the reason why I enjoy coaching sports so much is that I get to watch the development of young talent. In this tourney, I get to watch the young stars that’ll be the next wave of rookies in the NHL.

This year’s team has been touted as what could be Canada’s best junior team ever. We have a team of 12 returnees from last year’s squad. The majority of the players are the captains or assistant captains of their respective teams. And with Brent Sutter – of the 6-brother hockey family that spawned the commonly known hockey phrase “plays like a Sutter” – behind the bench, there is little doubt this team will be lacking in heart. I might just be inclined to agree.

We have a young phenom in Sidney Crosby – whom “The Great One”, Wayne Gretzky believes will be the one to break his records – paired with NHL’er Patrice Bergeron. The punishing Dion Phaneuf, many believe is the second coming of Scott Stevens. Smooth skating Brent Seabrook is “like Paul Coffey, only bigger,”. Captain, Michael Richards, is being likened to HHOF‘er Bobby Clarke.

We have a hard working team where everyone plays like a Sutter, not knowing how to quit. We have 3 bonafide scoring lines, where most other teams barely have 2. We have a big, physical team where even the smallest guys hit like Mack trucks.

Yes, this tourney is Canada’s to lose …

… & write back @ ya’!

Baby-J & Baby-J: See what did I tell you?! You always get what you want!

… and leave the little brat be. She’s just teasing!

Yeah, life at home has been great so far. It’s good to see family, family friends, and friends. It’s a bit of a shame that I haven’t had the chance to see as many of them as I would like, but such is life. It’s been pretty rushed thus far.

I know it’s been some year now, but it’s still not the same without you around. You know … the famed 4-hour lunches … driving about aimlesslyimpromptu border runs for dinner … *sigh* … miss you …

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Happy X’mas And Merry New Year!

My day started slow. It was pretty relaxing at first, and remained that way for the most part. I got the chance to take care of some things that needed attending to. In the evening, my family got together with a couple of other families for dinner.

It was like old times. These families have known each other so long, it’s like we’re all on big family. Friends like Jeffy and Vege, whom I’ve grown up with, are like brothers to me. It is good to be home.

With all of our busy schedules, it’s hard to get everyone out anymore. Often we find that we have to meet late at night for a bite, if just to get the gang together for a sit-down of laughs. Tonight was such the case. But I got to see my boys, so I can’t complain …

Some time during the evening, I had remarked to Jovo how much I’ve missed the rain of home. I don’t mean the spitting mist, but actual raindrops. I was going for a minor detour (to prolong my drive home by just a couple of minutes), I was thinking just how much I enjoy driving in the rain … when my cell phone rang.

I didn’t recognize the number. I answered. That was a mistake. It was an ex of mine. I do believe she’s drunk, but she proceeded to curse me out … telling me off … telling me just how I treated her like absolute shit. Apparently, I have no idea how to treat a woman. I had no idea that a relationship meant that I was do whatever it took to please and satisfy her.

I suppose she’s right. After all … I *am* single …

… & write back @ ya’!

J.Lo : Miss ya’ too, babe! I’m glad to hear Baby-J arrived home safely. The winter conditions out east have been pretty nasty.

You know, your mom finding out about me might not have been the worst thing that could have happened. After all, Pac-Man could have picked up the phone and flirted up a storm with her! 😛

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Catching Up, Then A Lot More House-Cleaning

Alright … So here’s a recap of what’s been up as of late …

So I flew out of YVR at 7 AM, and into YYC around 9.30ish AM on Monday morning. Everyone I knew was either away or working, so I made arrangements to pick up my rental from Avis and just hit the road.

My first stop was the local CAA office to pick up a map of Cow-Town … a map that I wouldn’t look at until much later. The plan was for me to just drive, and drive … and drive … then drive … and drive some more – as I did with TO. I found it to a great way to learn a new city.

… and drive I did … until 5 PM rolled about when I gave MetroBoy a call …

MetroBoy : “Hey, Warz! Where are you?!”

Me : “I … don’t … know … I really couldn’t tell you! Give me a minute, I’ll grab my map and figure it out!”

Turns out I wasn’t far from his place, so I popped on by. Soon after, we headed out to pick up his little bro so we could grab a bite. MetroBoy‘s ride is so sweet! It’s a Subie – same generation as Izzy, but she’s a couple of years older. However, that’s where the similarities end. He’s got his own 22B-like setup running on what I’ll simply call ‘a wet dream on wheels’.

Later on that night, I picked up Dimples, and met up with MetroBoy‘s boss and his wife for a bit of bubble tea at Banana Jak’s. It was then that I got my first taste of the Albertan snow. For the most part, it’s not much different than that of what I’m used to out eat. It’s pretty dry, and nothing like the wet here at home.

The next day, I had the meet-n-greet. A couple hours later, I’m to move there. Needless to say, it’s a new chapter I’m looking forward to. Now all I have to do figure out where to live and school and such …

Cutie returned home for the holidays that night, so we met up at Bubble Mania since there wasn’t much else to do. The next day, I met up with Cutie again, this time with her folks as well for lunch and to check out the new house they’re building.

During the afternoon, I got the guided tour hitting pretty much all 4 corners of the city. We made a stop to drop off D&G‘s gifts for Sassy Hermit, Dimples and the family at the family home.

By night, Cutie and I hit up a Cheesecake Cafe with Dimples. Afterward, Dimples was to pick up Sassy Hermit, while Cutie and I hung around waiting for Cutie‘s little bro to come home from Oz. It’s been years since I’ve seen him last.

My last day was pretty relaxed. I helped pack a box I was to bring out east for Cutie and had lunch with her family. By the afternoon, I had some time to kill as Cutie had an appointment, so I met up with Dimples for a walkabout in the new Ikea. I checked-in early to avoid the big after-work rush. I was hoping to catch Dimples again with Sassy Hermit before I head, but time didn’t permit.

I grabbed a quick bite at Joey Tomato’s with MetroBoy. It’s been some years since I’ve been to a Joey’s (Joey, being the son of Earl or Earl’s), but I don’t remember the Joey’s at home being this nice … and I’m not talking about the food … ;-P … it’s no wonder MetroBoy suggested it!

In any case, it was looking like I would be late getting to my flight. Nope. In fact, I was early. I mean, *really* early. My flight was delayed some 3.5 hours due to the bad weather out east. It wasn’t that bad for me – for some TO-bound people, their plane didn’t get in until some 7 hours late!

Luckily for me, I had good company. Waiting with me was a nice lady, coincidentally, from Van-City. She had just moved there, and was flying home for the holidays. So basically, I made a new friend already, without having moved to the city yet!

… and now for a shameless plug … I think WestJet might just be my airline of choice now. Sure, the last couple of flights I’ve been on with them, my big butt has been resting on some nice lush pleather – yes, Lush PLeather. They even had some wicked satellite TV’s too.

But what really wins me over is customer service. I’ve found that this Calgary-based airline, their employees are the most cheerful, the most polite, and most accommodating. However, as it turns out, this infectious personality goes beyond that of just the airline, but at the Calgary airport as well. Perhaps it was the holiday season, but everyone at the airport was super nice.

Today, I got some house-cleaning done, and did a bit of last-minute shopping at Future Shop. I had the pleasure of running into Willie and Ghis there, but unfortunately, I was in such a rush that I left quite abruptly. It was rather rude … I feel so badly about it. *boo* on me …

Dinner tonight was over at one of my mom’s sister’s. As luck would have it, I was greeted at the door by the host’s daughter, “Hey! You were at a wedding here in September!”. Needless to say, I was a little taken aback. As it turns out, she’s currently dating one of Dalo‘s cousins. Small world, eh?

Late tonight was a blast. I met up with my boysWingman, Irv, Jovo and Li’l Ed – for some food, drink and plenty of laughs. It’s so good to be home …

… & write back @ ya’!

J.Lo : No, worries, babe! Any time!

Gracey : So I’m told!

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… yep … I’m movin’ …

… & write back @ ya’!

J.Lo : Yeah, it’s looking pretty nifty … but I’d hold off until the first couple of patches come out. By then, you’ll find a more proven (cracked) program. 😉