Posted: 11/22/2004 in None

Random Thoughts Of The Morning …

  • Been hosting Baby-J‘s little cousin. She’s about Ah-Ho‘s age. When she tells us hanging out with us old farts is “less fun” … boy, does that make us feel old …

  • I need a job.

  • A couple days ago, I found out about an old friend’s engagement. Though we’ve had a bit of a falling out – rather just an uncomfortable parting of ways – I’m still rather happy for him.

  • I want to go home for the holidays, but not sure if I can … boo

  • I miss her …

  • It’s a scary thought, knowing from where one comes from … knowing how far one’s traveled … and knowing how far away one is from anything …

  • Perhaps it’s time to end a friendship …

  • I really need to get back into sports. I really, really miss it. Moreover, I really, really need it. It’s so tough to find anything decent and realistic in this damn city.

  • Maybe it’s time for me to get back into cooking … work on a couple of salads … learn how to bake …

  • For the first time in my life, I’ve been tempted to smoke. But it’s not for the reasons one might think. It’s got nothing to do with image. I can finally see why turn to smoking when stressed out and impatient. It gives you something to do … an escape, if you will. I’m not saying it’s right … nor will I start. I’m just saying I’ve been tempted.

  • I need to better myself.

  • Hockey players are still, by far, the classiest professional athletes out there. Period.

  • Cutie, Pac-Man, Baby-J and I have been talking about finding a house and moving in together. It’ll be nice, me thinks. For the most part, we see each other most every day. It’s been like having family around. The apartment is a little cramped. Lord knows Kira would love a yard to run around in. She loved her time in my family home out west during the summer.

  • Kira‘s been rather affectionate lately. We’re not sure why she’s looking for that much more attention. As I’m on the couch again, she’ll often jump up into bed with me at night. As a typcial husky, she likes to snuggle up into tight spots – sometimes waking me in the process by nuzzling her cold, wet nose into the back of my neck or the small of my back.
  • … that’s it for now …

    … & write back @ ya’!

    Ghis : Yeah, it’s a great song. I like his style. It’s soothing. 🙂

    Jovo : Thank, buddy.


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