Posted: 11/19/2004 in None

So I needed to burn some energy yesterday because I was fuming about my lack of success on the employment front. So I started to cook some late lunch.

I scoured the fridge and dug up whatever I could find to make a meal. In the end, I made a pasta dish – a linguine topped by Florentine spinach and cheese sauce with ground turkey, button mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and diced garlic.

It turned out okay. I thought it needed a bit more ‘zing’, but as I was making a lot of it, I figured I’d better have it tame to let it be shared with others. Baby-J was never terribly into the heavy, savoury flavours, but she seemed to enjoy it.

Cutie chose to grind some fresh black pepper, and was satisfied as well, and noted that the sauce would go really well with rice. Today, we had that opportunity. For lunch, I made some Japanese rice to mix in with the sauce. It went quite well, but I think such a sauce would go better with basmati rice.

All in all, despite it being on the sweeter side, the sauce was a bit of a success. However, I’m finding that the ground turkey isn’t quite as sweet as ground beef, so it makes for a little more compensation when it comes the spices I work with. Also, the texture of the two meats are similar, but the turkey tend to clump up more. It’s border-lining on the thick side where it’s too clumpy for pasta. I’ll have to find a way to thin down the sauce.

Otherwise, I decided to treat myself … and indulge … bought myself a whack of KK donuts. I’m so evil …


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