Posted: 11/17/2004 in None

Yesterday was a bland day. I sat around home, firing off emails and resumes for the most part. By afternoon, Dutchess called me to catch up on things. It was so nice to hear her voice again. We rarely get the time to talk anymore since she now hails from the land of the clog-hoppers. We went over the good, the bad … In any case, it’s time to welcome her to the world of blog.

I took Kira out for a nice long 2+ hour runabout with the other dogs in the park. She ran and ran until she practically dropped. She had a great time. I got to meet some of the other dogs and their owners. Most people have met Baby-J as she normally does the walking. So I was fielding the usual questions asking who I was, and why I was walking Kira.

I popped out to the local Canadian Tire to pick up a couple of bulbs to replace one of the burned-out ones in the corner signal lamp. It was a good opportunity to try out my new headlights too.

I needed to replace a dead headlight, so I opted for a bit of an upgrade. Anyone who knows my truck knows the headlights are as a dim and George W. Bush‘s wit. So, instead of replacing them with the factory/industry-standard bulbs, I went out to get a set of the Sylvania Silverstars. The difference was incredible. I can see at night now! … not to mention the truck looks a lot better too.

Now, if only the bulbs has burned out at the same time … I wouldn’t have had to go to the store twice! … BAH!

Anyhow, as I was paying, Cutie called. We decided to meet up for a bit. We ended up going to the Marche for a bit of dessert. We both opted for the crepes; she the banana caramel with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup, and I the strawberry with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. It was, oh, so decadent …

Cutie: “I’m so full.”

Warz: “Yeah. I was full 3 minutes ago … and yet I haven’t stopped!”

By the time I went home, I was bushed. But as per the usual, when I got home, I became more so awake. I took care of my usual stuff and soon settled into bed. But … I was bored, and couldn’t sleep. So I rang up Dimples for some company. We caught up some and shared some laughs. She’s always good company.

I think she and Sassy Hermit are looking forward to having seeing Gracey for the week or so, as D&G are heading home for Dalo‘s cousin’s wedding. I know Gracey is looking forward to heading home. Heck, I go stir-crazy now and then living here … let alone them living out in Ham-Town.

As I write this post, I’m a little distracted. I’ve got “Bollywood/Hollywood“. I’ve seen this movie several times already, but for some reason, I’m really drawn to this movie. I really like it, and I don’t know why.

Later on, if given the time, I’ll been watching “The Last Samurai“. Cutie went and bought a used copy of it from the Blockbuster nearby and lent it to me knowing that I hadn’t seen it yet. Everyone who’s seen it tells me it’s a great flick. I look forward to watching it.

I’ve always been a bit partial to the Japanese samurai warrior ways. I’ve always admired their code of ethics and honour. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

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